Stay Safe Online With Seven Simple Tips


Lock your online accounts!

Use long, unique passwords for each of your accounts. These should be hard to crack but easy to remember. Use two or more factor authentication wherever possible.

If in doubt: Delete!

Emails, social media posts, texts, and more aren’t always what they appear to be — sometimes they contain malware or malicious links. If you are unsure whether the sources are trustworthy, click» Delete«.

Keep your computer clean!

Keep all software up to date to reduce the risk of ransomware and malware infection. 

Secure yourself!

Create backups of your important data. In the case of ransomware attacks or other threats, these can help prevent permanent data loss. 

Take control of your online life!

Set up your accounts’ privacy and security settings immediately after registration and check them regularly, and this ensures that the settings are permanently configured to your liking. 

Share with care!

Before posting any personal information about yourself or others, consider the possible consequences.

Beware of WiFi hotspots!

WiFi hotspots are not secure, and that means potentially anyone can see what you’re doing on your device while connected to WiFi hotspots. Consider a VPN connection or mobile hotspot for more security.

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