The Live Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy For These Reasons.


What Is The Difference Between Live Video Streaming And Video-on-Demand From a Marketer’s Perspective?

The most important difference between live videos and video on demand is the time availability. A video that is always available entices many users to watch it later – “when there is time for it.” Except that there is seldom more time than work. To score points and be seen, the video must either already have a certain level of awareness, offer great entertainment value, or be useful.

This is quite feasible, as numerous positive examples prove.

On the other hand, a live video has the character of the brief: now or never is the motto. This makes it more exclusive and attractive for customers. Especially if it is an event or the first look at a new development. Live streaming gives the impression of being the first to be there. This, in turn, sets you apart from others and gives viewers an advantage.

Use Live Videos As a Marketing Tool.

Whether it’s a look behind the scenes of your company, the moment a new model rolls off the treadmill, or an interview or a question and answer session where concerns are answered immediately – with live videos, the viewers are direct and in the first place line up. On the one hand, this is something special for the customers, but on the other hand, it also has other advantages.

  • Provided with the appropriate comment function, viewers’ questions can be answered directly, and the questioner can be addressed immediately and personally. This has a positive effect on customer loyalty. It makes viewers feel valued and improves your company’s image.
  • This creates a sense of community. The focus of this community: your company. This cannot be artificially created with a positive appeal, but live videos offer the possibility of the organic formation of such a community. Members of such a community are more likely to recommend your brand. This turns consumers into prosumers – i.e., producing consumers.
  • Live video is inexpensive. You’re good to go: a camera, an app for live streams, a stable internet connection.
  • On the one hand, live videos are direct and allow immediate reaction. On the other hand, they can also be available to “late” viewers after the first broadcast. A video on demand can be created from a live stream.
  • Live videos are real communication channels and offer an opportunity for spontaneity. Even if something does go wrong, dealing with it can make your brand human and personable.

How Can You Best Use Live Video For Your Marketing Strategy?

Be authentic and offer live videos to impart knowledge and insight. Customers who are allowed to look behind the scenes identify themselves more directly with your brand. This also applies to the market launch of a new product or on the way to the finished service. Give viewers insight into the development, ask those responsible, or film the path from a call to service – this makes your company’s performance tangible, human, and understandable. You treat your customers as equals and turn them into partners.

What Content is Suitable For Live Videos?

Events, a tour of the company, interviews with partners, colleagues, or famous personalities, market launches, consultation hours, question and answer sessions – live video streaming is suitable for a wide range of content. However, there should not be a complete and fixed script. Allow time for spontaneity and stay flexible. Anyone who has just been well entertained as a live stream viewer will want to extend the fun afterward. In plain language, viewers will search your website for more content and find out more about what your company has to offer, which can positively affect the length of stay and your conversion rate.

Stay Spontaneous and Authentic.

Live video requires improvisation from time to time. So even with a well-thought-out script and all-around preparation, it becomes necessary to be spontaneous. That’s a big challenge.
Speaking of preparation: You should have done this before the live stream, but at the same time, be prepared to deviate from it. A simple “I don’t know” or “Oops. What’s going on here? Let’s see!” has a huge and positive impact on viewers. On the other hand, those who stick rigidly to the set plan tend to put off the viewers and appear fake. So say goodbye to the idea of ​​being perfect in live video. Use humor instead.

Our Conclusion

The (live) video format will neither leave the online marketer’s toolbox nor the focus of the Internet. Fast and entertaining knowledge transfer has a wide reach, as does the exclusivity of a live video. Live video marketing should therefore be valued rather than underestimated.

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