How To Write a Genuinely Excellent CV?


Writing a resume with all the trimmings often distinguishes between finding a job and being without it. It is not rhetoric: according to statistics, recruiters look at the CVs for only a few seconds, so it is necessary to develop a CV that is not just a shopping list with data and some sterile information. On the contrary, we must try to create a curriculum vitae that can talk about us, our experiences, our strengths (which must always be valued), in short, those elements, skills, qualifications that have formed and made us unique.

Writing a curriculum vitae, in a nutshell, is an art ( and not just for those who go abroad ). And to do it better you need to have a little experience and know-how to follow some valuable and practical tips that allow you to make your CV less boring, more appealing and above all in line with the type of job you are looking for: because the curriculum vitae it should be changed every time you apply for a different position.

What are the best tips for writing a curriculum vitae that does not end up in the trash can immediately but can be seriously considered by those who select the various documents? Here are some ideas that can be useful for making a curriculum vitae that you will be proud of and that can make a difference when you present yourself for a job offer.

Choose The Format

The first step in writing an excellent curriculum vitae is choosing the suitable format: this choice is crucial.

The perfect format does not exist, but the one preferred by the company may live. This depends on the recruiters, and in some cases, it is also specified in the job offer, in case adapt by preparing different formats among the most common and keeping them updated.

On the other hand, if a particular format is not requested, choose the one that best represents you. 

To write an excellent curriculum vitae, you can use a tool that allows you to create an online curriculum vitae. The PC will not do the work for you, but in this way, the curriculum vitae will be well ordered, with a clean and precise appearance, without streaks and without ‘home made’ solutions that can make when the CV is printed look poorly professional.

What To Write In The Curriculum Vitae

Beyond the form, there is the substance. To draw up a good curriculum vitae, you must remember that the summary is always necessary and that you only have to dwell on where it is essential (for example, to underline the role, in your training experience, of an activity or job that you think will be very useful. for selection purposes).

The curriculum vitae must always contain:

  • Photography, preferably a passport photo on a white background (done in seconds), to be professional. You have to have a recognizable, clean and simple look.
  • personal data and contacts
  • the study, education, and training experiences, with dates and qualifications, awarded
  • the professional experiences that have been had, from the most recent to the initial ones
  • Professional skills (they go beyond professional experience and indicate transversal skills acquired, such as cash management skills, customer skills, article editing, etc.).
  • linguistic knowledge, possibly referring to the European Framework to be able to give an objective idea of ​​the knowledge
  • their computer skills, and level
  • Personal, communicative and organizational skills. This box should also be filled in depending on the job you are applying for: if you are applying for a leadership role, you can emphasize your natural skills, experiences, and abilities.

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