What Do You Need a VPN Connection For?

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In short, the term VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” A VPN describes a protected connection that is established in the public internet room and can be imagined as a tunnel:

A VPN encrypts your data and your Internet identity so that even intercepting the data encrypted by the VPN does not offer any possibility of drawing any conclusions about your activity or identity.

This effect is achieved by the fact that the VPN forwards the data in encrypted form to the server of a VPN provider so that the requests routed from the server can only be traced back to the VPN providers internetprivatsphare.

This usually does not keep any logs or at least does not pass them on to third parties.
So why a VPN?

The functionality mentioned above of a VPN creates many application areas for VPN use.

Secure Connection

Since a VPN forwards the data in encrypted form and thus protects against data theft, many private individuals, but above all companies and research institutions, use the option of gaining access to their sensitive data (such as the data stored in the company network) via a secure VPN tunnel or to share your data while using a not-so-well-secured home or even public network.

This allows employees to access all of the data in their network security and even change or expand them. According to experts, a hack attack to decrypt intercepted data would take millions of years with the current technology.

A VPN does not avoid general data leaks but prevents third parties from reading and using the intercepted data.

Even the “simplest data” such as the browser history are kept secret, and it is also made more challenging to hack the device when using the Internet.

A VPN Disguises Your Whereabouts:

A VPN server of a provider with which your computer communicates represents you on the public Internet. This ” representative ” handles your total data traffic is handled by “representative,” which means that you are sitting in the provider’s data center for outsiders.

This means that your digital footprint can only be traced back to the data center, enabling you to encrypt your location. So if you have a very keen interest in keeping your current whereabouts secret, a VPN is a very effective tool, at least digitally.

Bypass geo blocking:

More and more providers only have transmission rights in individual countries and are therefore obliged to block access for people outside these national borders. We are talking about so-called geoblocking.

The IP address is used to determine the customer’s current location and prevent unauthorized transmission if the customer is in an area in which the provider does not have the transmission rights.

This is especially the case with live broadcasts in sports or series streaming.

Since, as already mentioned above, by using a VPN tunnel, demographically speaking, you are now where the provider’s server is located, it is possible to move your virtual location to this country through the correct selection of the VPN server and thereby geoblocking -Block to bypass.

The content is then rereleased, the streaming provider has virtually no chance of noticing this trick.

Conclusion: Advantages And Disadvantages of a VPN Tunnel

The disadvantages of using VPN are summarized relatively briefly:

  • A VPN like lesmeilleursvpn generally never harms when using reputable offers. Only the cost factor of the mostly monthly subscription (for private users) can be listed as a disadvantage.

The advantages are briefly summarized as follows:

  • A VPN guarantees the secure exchange with other networks through data encryption and prevents others from being exploited by intentionally caused or unintentional data leaks in communication.
  • Private data is also protected, and hacking the device is at least more difficult.
  • In addition, a VPN disguises the user’s location and shifts the virtual footprint to the VPN server location when communicating with the publicly accessible Internet. This bypasses both demographic tracking and geo-blocking.

Ultimately, the use of VPN only offers advantages from a technical point of view. Still, whether these advantages justify the cost factor for private individuals, everyone has to decide for themselves for their life situation.

In general, however, many providers initially offer a free VPN test so that everyone can get their picture.

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