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Anyone who thinks Instagram is only for teenagers who want to pass the time is far from it. Instagram is one of the strongest B2C but also B2B tools that you can use. The prerequisite is that you use it CORRECTLY.

Professionalism is characterized by various criteria, for example

  • good content
  • good lyrics
  • a meaningful profile
  • good visual material
  • an accentuated positioning
  • good ideas.

Easier said than done? Why don’t you use a kind of editorial plan, for example, fill your content creator tool with it every few days and post in between what otherwise happens in your everyday business? A good mix of topics that interest your target audience is important.

Image material for your company

If you have a company profile on Instagram, it is important that your branding is recognizable. As a color, as a font, or in the presentation of the photos (e.g. use filters). I also have to “readjust” here because I have mainly used Instagram for fun so far. The more I fox myself, the more I see the potential that this channel holds! And you can also serve your niche with good, adequate image material, address, and reach your target customers very specifically!

Words are more than hashtags

… also on Instagram! If you have a good profile description with a strong first line, you already have something on the credit side! It can also be more than 2 to 3 lines of text. Emotions, information, and tips. Under the text, the image description, there is a maximum of 30 hashtags. On the one hand, these are your keywords, your company name, etc. On the other hand, there are the terms that your target group enters to search for your products or services.

Hashtag tip: In my channels, the mixture of large (general) hashtags and smaller ones works well, such as #birthday, #india, #independence. Large hashtags are popular, but they don’t last long. There are simply too many posts posted with you every second, which means that your post quickly disappears from the “scene”.

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Story and highlights are valuable

The story is one (or more) 15-second video (s) that you can upload. You can add your location, hashtags, graphics (such as hearts), or anything else. They are also used for reach and entertainment. You can also accommodate cheeky, funny, or private things if you want. A story can be dragged into a so-called “highlight” and stays there forever. Highlights are categories (collections) that you can assign and that are shown in a circle under your profile.

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