Instagram Hashtags 2021: Why They Have The Most Significant Reach


Hashtags are an essential feature on Instagram that you can use to increase your reach significantly. Even if they have lost some of their importance in recent years due to a change in the algorithm, Instagram hashtags in 2021 are still a decisive factor in building a large community on Instagram.

Hashtags are an essential feature on Instagram that you can use to increase your reach significantly. Even if they have lost some of their importance in recent years due to a change in the algorithm, Instagram hashtags in 2021 are still a decisive factor in building a large community on Instagram.

Why Are Instagram Hashtags So Important?

Hashtags can significantly increase your visibility on Instagram. Hashtags allow users to search for the content they are interested in. If you use frequently used hashtags with your Instagram account, other users can find you. The result: you can generate new followers. This is why small and medium-sized funds in particular benefit from the correct use of hashtags. Large accounts with six-digit follower numbers are successful even without Instagram hashtags in 2021. Hashtags are essential but by no means the only cornerstone of your success. In other words: Even the perfect hashtags are of no use to you if you don’t address your community for them or if your images are of poor quality.

Find The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Account.

Not all hashtags work equally well for every account and every image. Of course, some hashtags are searched a lot and therefore work well. However, you have to differentiate here whether these hashtags match your pictures. If a user searches for the #cat and then comes up with a picture of a dog, they will very likely be disappointed. With this, you achieve the opposite effect.

To use the right hashtags for your account, it is advisable to carefully analyze the hashtags that are relevant to your target group. So first think about: Who do you want to reach with your pictures? What are your target group’s interests? Which hashtags will they use to find the content that interests them?

Competitive analysis can also be constructive. If you analyze the competition, you will understand how high the interaction rate is for different hashtags. Here you can orientate yourself well to the big brands and people who also serve your target group. However, that doesn’t mean you should only use the most popular hashtags. It can often be worthwhile to use less-known hashtags to achieve a higher interaction rate.

Will The Instagram Hashtags Still Work In 2021?

After the algorithm changes, it quickly became known that Instagram had virtually destroyed the hashtags. This is, of course, not the case. They don’t work the way they used to. However, it is no secret that social networks are constantly changing and adapting. We have seen a similar development at Google in recent years: While it was enough to cram a website with keywords in the early days of the Internet, today, a much more sophisticated strategy is required to land on page one of the search results.

The user’s need for high-quality content is now clearly in the foreground. Platforms that do not comply with this will not be able to hold up in the long term. Therefore, it was to be expected that the effect of hashtags would change. However, that does not mean that Instagram hashtags in 2021 are ineffective or harmful, but you only have to adjust your strategy and avoid classic mistakes.

4 Mistakes That Cost You Reach

There are many “insider tips” that are supposed to increase your reach on Instagram. These tips are very persistent, but they are by no means all recommendable. On the contrary: many of them turn out to be errors when used, often causing more damage than good.

You should therefore avoid these 4 mistakes:


In the past, the motto “a lot helps a lot” actually worked. Anyone who did not exhaust the 30 possible hashtags was a preceding reach. In the meantime, this has been reversed. A general statement that applies to all accounts cannot be made. You shouldn’t use as many hashtags as possible if they don’t fit. It’s better to choose a few hashtags that describe the picture appropriately. This increases the chance of generating followers who are interested in you and your account.


Because for the Instagram algorithm, this looks like automation. It will only damage yourself as convenient as using the tried and tested hashtag block via copy & paste. This is punished with a loss of range. In addition, it can happen so quickly that you adopt inappropriate terms, such as the year 2019.


Of course, it’s tempting to use hashtags that are doing well right now. But if they don’t match your content, you should stay away from them. You generate short-term reach and get a few likes, but you certainly don’t build a community in this way. It also quickly looks desperate trying to get attention like this. Orientate yourself to the interests of your target group and use the hashtags that specifically address them.


They exist, the hashtags that no longer work. Instagram takes action against abuse if z. For example, there were more reports about content that used a specific term. Many hashtags are only temporarily blocked, but some are permanently blocked. Since these are of no use to you, you should check your hashtags regularly.


It’s hard to tell which hashtags you need to use on Instagram to be successful and generate reach. Because you can, of course, use the classic hashtags that everyone uses. The question is whether you will then really contact the target group you want on your Instagram page. So it would be better to research the keywords that might not have that much competition but that fit your target group exactly. In addition, you don’t have to overload your pictures with hashtags. Use the hashtags that best describe your vision. This way, users will find exactly what they were looking for and are more likely to get stuck on your Instagram account.

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