Job Tools: Why is PDFBear Useful at Work


We all want an easy life, a life without stress and hardships. But as much as we want that life, it’s not possible. We all need to go to work to pay our bills, feed our family, and buy the things that we want. But because we have a job doesn’t mean our life has to be complicated and stressful. With the aid of technology, we can make our everyday tasks at work easy.

One great way to make our life at work easy is by using PDFBear. It is a great platform to help us alleviate our work-related sufferings. When it comes to managing your PDF files, this is the perfect tool for you. It offers more than 20 useful services that are efficient and effective in accomplishing your PDF-related tasks at work.

Converts files

You can use various file formats for your file, but not all of them perform the same. Depending on your task, some formats can be beneficial, but some of them are not. So when your file is in the format that is not suitable for your goal, the best thing you can do is convert them. And when it comes to converting files, there is no better tool to use than PDFBear.

I can convert numerous file formats, including PDF to PPT, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, PDFA, vice versa, and a lot more. This platform converts your file in just three easy steps: uploading your file, making the necessary changes, and finally, downloading your newly converted document. Converting documents at work will never be the same when you use PDFBear.

Reduce file size

Having enough computer memory is very important for your device to work correctly and avoid lagging issues. With that in mind, we tend to do everything we can to prevent these issues. That includes external storage devices and deleting random files that we might use in the future. But there is a more practical solution to this problem, the PDFBear compress tool.

With this feature, you will be able to reduce your file size to a significant level. It compresses your file to decrease its size up to 70%. But wait, there is more. When performing this file size reduction, PDFBear does it without ruining its content. This tool is indeed efficient and very safe.

Fix Damaged Files

Files, whether virtual or hard copy, can be damaged. For virtual files, it can be caused by a malware attack, or a glitch may occur while writing your document to your device drivers. But whatever causes the damage, it can be frustrating when this happens. But don’t lose hope; you can still fix your file and bring it back to its original form like nothing happened.

With its Repair PDF tool, your problem with broken files will all go away. With it, you will not be going to ask for professional help and spend so much money because it offers an affordable subscription rate and it is effortless to use.

Why Choose PDFBear?

There are tons of software and platforms to use when dealing with PDF files, but PDFBear is undeniably the best. You should choose this platform because first, it does so much without asking so much from you. It doesn’t consume space on your device because it is an online file manager that allows you to manage files using your web browser.

That also means that you will not be required to upgrade your device or buy computers with high specs because, again, the processes done using PDFBear are all done using any web browser on your device. So whether your device is running on IOS, Android, Linux, or Windows, you can enjoy their services as long as you have a browser in it.

Most importantly, it is the safest file manager on the web. The website is designed to protect the privacy and security of the users. One excellent security feature that they have is it removes all the data and history of all your transactions on their website. All these features are essential in accomplishing your tasks at work.


The Adulting stage of our lives is the most challenging part of every human being’s life. I think every working adult can attest to that. Waking up early every day, cooking our breakfast, cleaning the dishes, doing all the household chores, all of these alone take up so much of our energy. That is why we should make our tasks at work easier as much as possible.

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