Journey Into Business Intelligence – What It Is And Why It Matters?


By its very essence, the business world is increasingly connected and technological. It is no coincidence that we talk about digital transformation to identify the current and modern transition phase that mainly concerns structures, company organization, data and information. In the digital context, some terms and concepts are gaining momentum, which aims to maximize turnover, optimize work, and reduce costs and technical times. Among these, the concept of business intelligence deserves a special mention, often abbreviated to BI. The latter is configured as that discipline capable of integrating data mining, business analytics and data infrastructures with certain good practices to facilitate companies in the critical moment, or the one in which significant decisions must be made. Thanks to business intelligence, they will be more aware.

This Eliminates Slowdowns And Inefficiencies

Business intelligence, therefore, allows you to focus on a complete view concerning your organization. Slowdowns and inefficiencies can be easily eradicated by correctly interpreting new market trends. This concept was born in the 1960s to indicate a system to share information within organizations. Then, from the Eighties onwards, it developed in the field of information technology up to the boom of today: now modern business intelligence focuses on information speed, data monitored thanks to ad hoc platforms and flexible analyzes. The key concept, which can be said to be the basis of business intelligence itself, is business management. For the related objectives to be easily achieved, always having up-to-date, clear and relevant information is necessary. And it is business intelligence that provides the necessary tools for both the organization and the interpretation of data.

The Size of The Company And The Strategic Steps

Regardless of the company’s size – whether it is a large company or an SME, it does not matter – the very fact of aiming for a virtuous increase in the business represents an absolute indication of the need to develop a solid business strategy. How? Using business intelligence tools is a mix of processes that aim to collect, analyze, and interpret data relating to the company. The latter must be transformed into useful information to lay the foundations for making various decisions and growing the business. In this context, graphs, tables and reports are available but not only: all information that will allow managers to act for the best in terms of strategic steps. It is thanks to the analyzes and reports that, for example, it becomes possible to estimate the ROI (an acronym for Return on investment): a critical step above all in terms of digital marketing.

The concept of business intelligence is constantly expanding, continually exposed to market fluctuations, technological innovations and – above all – the company’s needs. The need to share data will always increase, so there will be increased collaboration between different sectors. At the center, as always, teamwork.

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