Differences Between ADSL And Fiber Optic


If you are thinking of contracting the Internet, you are interested in knowing the differences between ADSL and Fiber Optic. We tell you.

Today when it comes time to contract the Internet for companies, the great unknown that still raises many headaches arises the differences between ADSL and Fiber Optic.

In this article, we will solve all your doubts about it so that you can make the best decision according to your needs: Fiber Optic or ADSL?

Differences Between ADSL And Fiber Optics

What advantages does Fiber Optics offer over ADSL? What are the differences and what advantages do they offer us? We’ll tell you then.

The Big Difference Between ADSL And Fiber Optic – Speed

Before starting to detail and list the differences between these two types of connectivity, it should be noted that the main difference has to do with speed.

ADSL is slower, it covers lower speeds than Fiber, but it has more network coverage. That is, it reaches more homes.

Fiber can reach 600 symmetric megabytes, while ADSL barely exceeds 20 Mb.

In addition, if you contract Fiber Optic, you will be able to connect several devices simultaneously and not notice a drop in speed. On the other hand, with ADSL, you can have a lower speed than the one contracted.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Optic

In short, fiber optics has become the best Internet solution for companies.

This is the latest and fastest solution, but it is still under development. Its only handicap has to do with coverage since there are still many corners it does not reach.

Although it will not be a problem for a long time, since companies are investing to increase the deployment of Fiber Optic and today, there are many other ways to get a good connection in isolated areas.

On the other hand, with Fiber Optic, the speed you contract is the one you receive, and the price depends on the speed you want to contract.

In addition, it guarantees more excellent stability, avoids annoying network drops for users, is immune to magnetic interference and has a higher level of security than ADSL, thanks to its FTTH ( Fiber To The Home ) installation.

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