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How To Get The Benefits Of Analytics For Business Decision Making

Today, many companies use Data Analytics (also called data analysis, DA or analytics) to make the best use of all the information available to them and optimize their business strategy. When referring to data analysis, the term big data is frequently used. It refers to the collection, management and analysis of a large volume of […]

Journey Into Business Intelligence – What It Is And Why It Matters?

By its very essence, the business world is increasingly connected and technological. It is no coincidence that we talk about digital transformation to identify the current and modern transition phase that mainly concerns structures, company organization, data and information. In the digital context, some terms and concepts are gaining momentum, which aims to maximize turnover, […]

Explainable And Reliable Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent systems are increasingly part of our lives. They are helpful in different areas and help us make decisions. Therefore, there is talk of the need to develop an ethical, explainable, reliable, and transparent Artificial Intelligence. In part also because of the commitment of the European Union and the community that are emerging to establish […]

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