Marketing In The Time Of COVID


COVID has accelerated digital transformation in all sectors. Also in marketing. Many companies have stepped up their digital messages to take advantage of the increased use of electronic messages by consumers. It has been a radical leap in which “webinars have played a key role in sharing our knowledge and welcoming other industry experts to share ideas. The focus should be on generating value, even though our intention at the moment is to “sell, sell, sell,”.

“However, it should be noted that with fewer channels available during the Covid-19, there is also more digital competition than before. For example, Linkedin is saturated, you only need to see the number of invitations we receive daily to attend webinars during Covid-19. This is just the beginning. Marketing specialists will need to turn their actions around to stand out, but also to be efficient, now more than ever. For example, can you transfer your video content through YouTube and other channels? Can you turn the audio into an upgrade podcast? Digital content must be reused to be truly valuable. ”


In sectors most affected by the crisis, such as the automobile or travel industry, the challenge is greater. “At times like this, you need your customers to support your brand. But is the brand in the first or last place where you want to spend money now? This is a difficult decision that the best marketing managers must make. ”

“Risk haunts both large companies, which may be too slow to react, and many small ones, who will die from not having enough resources to make such a sharp turn in their marketing strategy. Developing a marketing strategy right now is not an easy task, as there is no stability in the market and a long-term approach cannot be planned. People will not want to buy a new car or product because they fear the blow to their pocket in the coming months. This will affect the demand chain. But if people can’t buy, what can be advertised? ”

“An example: Disney is not going to announce Disneyworld. They change their business strategy and use performance marketing to give a big boost to their streaming television product, Disney plus. This is where they will see the results because it is online. “

“Another case. Fast-food chain Mcdonalds focuses on their brand image as they temporarily close, promoting a brand campaign of social alienation. ”

“But the casuistry is varied. Amazon, for example, is also promoting the video now more than ever, rather than delivery, in this case the opposite. The increased demand gives them a headache. “

“Tourism is the industry that will have the hardest time, because people may be afraid to take a plane and be close again, so it is estimated that they will not be able to return to normal before 12 to 18 months. For example, the government of France has announced that it will help, under some conditions, the automaker Renault and the airline Air France to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus with a loan of seven billion euros and five billion euros, respectively. When the industry picks up, the digital channels that will function as online advertising, print ads, and webinars will increase super fast to balance business loss. ”


“The questions to be asked in the short term are clear: What can be promoted now? Is it time to announce a product or create brand awareness? From there, looking to the future, we must be aware that the previous channels will slowly grow again. But the mix will have permanently changed after this crisis, especially after investing many resources to reach the digital audience. “

“The forecast is that the new normal, in terms of marketing campaigns, does not arrive until after the summer and that Black Friday is very important for brands, even more, important than in previous years.

Given this situation and to try to save 2020, brands, instead of investing in Black Friday advertising campaigns for a day or two, will do so over a longer period of time. “

“Brands will invest their budget in performance marketing during the third quarter in an attempt to try to save their 2020. And advertising will be one of the best options to restart the engine. But change is here to stay. The way we all market will be different because we have been forced to learn new ways, challenge the status quo at all levels, from multi-million dollar businesses to the florist around the corner, “.

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