Mass Marketing: The Advantages Of Mass Marketing

Mass marketing_ the advantages of sending SMS in the Contact Center

When designing the Marketing strategy of a company it is essential to know our target audience in-depth, as well as their behavior and their preferences and habits when purchasing a product or service. If we have not determined the type of user that is the focus of the business, the sales and customer service strategies will not be defined accordingly.

This is one of the factors that define the success or failure of a company. But just as important is deciding which communication channel we are going to use in each of the stages of the purchasing process, in order to communicate with the client in a direct and, above all, effective way.

And it is that, due to the appearance, in recent years, of new and numerous ways of contacting a company, this process must be carried out thoroughly. Many years ago, there was only the telephone channel as a way of establishing contact between users and the company, but currently, the range of possibilities has been increased, offering very varied alternatives.

The sending SMS from the Contact Center is one of these channels, and although not the most used, provides a number of advantages that no other applications we offer. For this reason, it is important to know what we can use it for and how so that we are able to get the most out of it at all times and in any scheduled or unscheduled situation.

What is the use of sending SMS from a Contact Center

The uses that we can give to sending SMS from this contact platform are diverse, but to carry them out it is necessary that the recipient specifies that he gives his consent, since otherwise, we will not be able to use this tool.

That is, the client or user must have approved the receipt of this type of message before we proceed to do so.

These are the two most useful uses:

Notifications: First of all, sending SMS is really useful to notify the customer of important situations, such as the shipment of a product, or to inform them that their order is ready to be picked up, or has been canceled, for example.

Promotions: Another interesting use of sending SMS is to send certain users personalized promotions. Thus, we can send coupons, which can be exchanged in the store showing the received SMS, or discounts and offers.

Therefore, depending on the objective that we pursue with its use, there are two types of SMS marketing campaigns. The first is campaign messages, which are usually used to communicate promotions (discounts, coupons, offers …) or general information (alerts, invitations to events, information on new products, updates …). They are used in SMS Marketing campaigns that seek to sell.

As a second alternative, we have transactional messages: they communicate relevant and specific information to a particular user. Their objective is to notify, so they are usually SMS to confirm an order or attendance at an event and alerts such as updates and cancellations.

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