Whatsapp In The Contact Center As a Communication Channel With The Clients


Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging tool in the world on a personal level. In just 11 years it has been running, it has managed to exceed one billion users. Its power is such that through its platform more than 42,000 million messages are sent daily, a figure that its creators surely had not even dreamed of at the time of its birth.

With these figures, it was expected that Facebook, the company to which the application currently belongs, created a business version of the famous App, which avoided Spam in the application for users but allowed companies to use this effective communication channel.

Thus, in 2017, it launched WhatsApp Business, a particularly useful tool in the customer service and contact centers of companies that have made the leap from being a tool for social communication to an essential app in the workplace.

This new twist on instant messaging includes important options for companies: it allows you to create a public profile of the business with basic information and all the data of interest, or you can tag different chats for the organization, such as new customers, regulars or orders completed, for example.

The advantages of this new App are numerous, but the following stand out:

  • Exchange information more quickly with users.
  • Build more confidence with a business profile.
  • Send messages in an automated way.
  • Facilitate internal communication in the company.
  • Design quick responses that save time.

With the use of both versions of WhatsApp, Contact Centers have found a close, fresh, effective, and fast way to maintain close contact with customers and prospects.

How does WhatsApp help in a Contact Center?

The main job of a Contact Center, as its name suggests, is to maintain contact with customers and coordinate it. For this, there are a series of tools that are fundamental in the correct development of the task of the agents involved.

That is why it is important to choose a good software for Contact Center, which allows integration not only with management systems but also with messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

When managing contacts between company and client, WhatsApp offers the possibility to the former to make available to the latter a communication system with which they are familiar and which is easy and quick to use.

In addition, it provides a closer and more personal and direct contact with users, but always maintaining an image of professionalism, which should never be lacking.

But above all this, WhatsApp, as a tool for the Contact Center, provides a large number of resources such as videos, audios, images, or shared files, which allow creating a complete marketing campaign in a very economic way and with real results.

Differences between Whatsapp Business and the version for users

The effectiveness of communications is the same in both versions and the use when sending and receiving messages also, however, there are certain differences between the two applications since with the business we can carry out a series of actions that the intended for the domestic environment does not allow us.

Therefore, it is highly effective for small and medium-sized companies. These are the most useful benefits for our business:

Company Profile: Whatsapp Business allows us to include data such as the company name, a short description, the physical address, the email, or the website, among others. In this way, the user will be able to recognize and identify us, in a simple and immediate way, which will facilitate communication as much as possible.

Welcome messages and self- responders: We can also create a series of quick answers, to frequently asked questions or personalized messages, which will allow us to considerably reduce the response time. We will also find the option to create a welcome message.

Labels for contacts: Another really useful option of this version of Whatsapp for Contact Center is the creation of labels for contacts. In this way, we can classify the chats as new clients, VIP clients, pending payment, or pending delivery, among others.

With this tool, we will be able to coordinate and organize each contact with the client, so that there are no actions left unfulfilled or users unattended.

Product catalog: Finally, in the business version we can include a catalog of products and services. In it the image of the product will appear with a brief description, price if we believe it appropriate or any other information that we consider important (characteristics, price or the product code, its current availability …).

Generating Statistics – Reports can be generated to see how many messages were sent, delivered, and read. This information is very valuable to study the effectiveness of the company’s communication strategies.

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