What Is Microtargeting?


Do you know what microtargeting is? Do the concepts micro-segmentation and Big Data sound familiar to you?

Since the beginning of the online marketing of digital campaigns have sought to focus their communication efforts on niche markets that most interest them. In other words, the messages are focused on the brand’s target audience. But how to find it in a space as big as the Internet? Microtargeting offers the solution.

The Help of Big Data

It is not a secret that every time we carry out a certain action on the network, data is generated that is collected in a large database, called Big Data. This information is extremely valuable for companies since they can perfectly know their target with it. In this way, they make sure to adapt to the needs of each user, giving them what they need or demand.

Micro-Segmentation Tailored To The Consumer

We aim to collect the maximum information from those audiences that interest us and divide it into micro-segments. This strategy is especially useful for companies with several different audiences and wants to reach them directly. In this way, we can create fully personalized and related information and messages. This is vital to improve the company’s positioning and become a trusted brand for the consumer.

The Advantages of Microtargeting

This methodology effectively establishes a speech according to what the target audience needs. It is also especially useful for e-commerce since it lets them know which products or sections of the web attract the most attention and which go unnoticed.

In short, microtargeting will allow you to narrow down your messages by targeting your true target audience exclusively in a precise way through the design of messages in which it is reflected. Thus, we manage to generate a value proposition that will give a stable, secure, and lasting relationship over time.

When using this tool, companies must use it with caution and respect for the consumer to not feel restricted in terms of freedom or space.

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