Most Helpful Study Apps For College Students 2020

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Modern students do not let smartphones off their hands and for a good reason. First, thus they remain constantly in touch with their friends on social networks. Secondly, smartphones are the main source of information one touch away. Thirdly, on the web, you can find many useful services like paper writing helper that can help you cope with home assignments, essays, and projects when you feel exhausted. The fourth reason is the variety of educational apps for iOS and Android that facilitate the studying process and make your life in college more comfortable and you – more engaged. In this guide, we will cover top mobile apps you should check this year: for studies, organization, and life.

Top college apps to watch this year

Your college years are the best in your life, that is why you should spend them with more fun and not sitting at the dorm trying to figure out «Whom can I pay to do my essay for me?». Besides, living in the era of digitalization, you no longer need to suffer from piles of homework and spend hours trying to figure out complex math topics. Using your smartphone dependency the right way (not for entertainment but for time management and more productivity), you can transform it into a powerful tool helping you get through college with more motivation and joy.

Many specific apps are designed, namely, to make the lives of college students easier and better. Installing one of those, you can improve time management skills, organize your activities better, and have your academic performance increased. With thousands of apps on the market, it may be too hard to choose a good one, so we narrowed them down to the following list:


The app is well-known mostly for the popular music playlists it provides, but recently it has also become a great tool for studying. It has many playlists composed by other students with music that helps you relax and focus on your assignments. Yes, it will take you awhile to find the right ones and then pick those you like, but it is proved to be helpful;

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Google Drive

No student in 2020 can`t do without Google Drive space. Here you can create documents, charts, and presentations, share them with other users, work on common projects, and exchange information. Compared to Dropbox, Google Driver offers free 15GB of space to keep your data, and for students, it is more than enough;


Even though students spend the majority of their time online both for studies and entertainment, they can still miss some news, events, and recent updates going around them. The app facilitates this task a lot: you can create your own feed containing your favorite blogs, websites, and other resources so you will not miss anything interesting;

My Study Life

The app helps you keep information about your classes, exams, home assignments, deadlines, and other important things in one place on the cloud. Thus, it can be managed from a few devices at the same time and even offline. In the app, you can set reminders about important tasks and dates, schedule events, and keep everything organized. You will be receiving notifications for not completed tasks and upcoming events;

iStudiez (Pro Legend version)

The app has already won a few rewards as the best app for college studies organization and is packed with a lot of great features. They include an overview of the screen, a planner, management of assignments, grade tracking, Google calendar integration, and synchronization with multiple platforms. With this app, you will always be able to calculate your scores and improve your performance when necessary;


One of the really good-working ways to resolve a complex assignment is to do some brainstorming. For example, you can map your ideas to find new ways of their interpretation. The app will help you with research and management of your ideas: you can organize them as you want, make changes, improve logic, and save multiple templates. You can even export these mind maps in third-party apps to work on them further;

Dragon Anywhere

The app serves you for dictation of your notes you made on lectures and making them digital: you just need to speak information into your smartphone. If you keep silent for 20 seconds, it automatically turns off. It has a great dictionary where you can add words you speak most often, and you can give the app voice commands like remove that, substitute this with that and scratch it. You can also share your notes with other users;

Scanner Pro

With this app, you can transform your smartphone into a portable scanner. All you have to do is to scan a page you need, and you will receive it in both picture and text formats saved on the Cloud. The app also recognizes text on pictures so that they become searchable. 

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