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In an increasingly competitive world, it is more vital than ever for any company to take advantage of all the possibilities available to generate business opportunities. And, in this sense, networking is a very effective formula for this. What is it and what are the best ways to do it?

The 3 advantages of networking

In the business world, networking is the activity aimed at expanding the network of professional contacts. It is a complex process but very necessary for any company and professional. But what is it really for?

The truth is that the advantages of networking are multiple, but these are some of the most outstanding:

  • In the first place, networking helps to forge ties with influential people from whom we can learn to improve the management of our business or, simply, to grow as professionals.
  • On the other hand, this practice is very useful to attract new customers by showing the world what we do and how far we can go. But not only that: we can also find new suppliers, investors, and even incorporate talent into our organization.
  • But, in addition, networking helps to create and develop new business niches and possible collaborations with other companies and professionals. The strength is in the joining!

How to network effectively

They say that a professional is worth what his agenda is worth, and although it is true that other aspects must also be valued, the truth is that our network of contacts is key. Networking contributes precisely to expanding that network, in addition to reviving it and improving its quality.

In the middle of the digital age, we have at our disposal various ways of networking. And while some are more traditional, others are more linked to the Internet. Which are?

Social networks

One of the great advantages of the Internet is its ability to concentrate on people with the same professional interests or concerns in specific spaces. The clearest example is specialized social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter, in which it is very easy to connect with professionals, companies, and experts from the sectors that interest us most.


Designing a good content strategy is vital to position our brand, but also to network. And it is that creating, publishing, and disseminating quality content will help us attract people interested in the topics in which we are experts. But, in addition, it will allow us to promote our products and services and meet other professionals from whom we can learn and with whom we can develop projects.


But not all networking is done online. Attending specialized events is also very beneficial to soak up knowledge and establish business contacts with influential people and companies. An example is eShow Barcelona, an e-commerce and digital marketing fair that will be held on April 11 and 12.


It is a reality: coworking philosophy is increasingly widespread in the business world. That is, living with other companies and professionals in the same office. Sharing workspace has the advantage that we can forge lasting professional relationships through daily contact.

In short, networking is a formula that we should not ignore if we want to establish a wide, varied, and active network of contacts. And you never know when we are going to need the help, knowledge, or collaboration of any of the people in our network.

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