This Is How You Fix The Problem When There Is No Internet Despite WiFi


Your smartphone, computer, or tablet has a WiFi connection, but no internet access? This can be for a number of reasons and in most cases, it is fairly easy to fix. We have summarized for you how to solve the problem in this guide.

Find Fault

First of all, you should determine where the problem is in your network. To find out whether your router can even establish an Internet connection, it is often enough to take a look at the device: The status LEDs should tell you directly if something is wrong with the connection and then usually flash. Depending on the model of the router, these characters are different – have a look at the manual of the device to decipher the LED signals.

A simple and tried and true method is to restart your router. Some devices have a corresponding button for this, or you can restart it via the browser user interface of your router. Alternatively, pull out the power plug for at least ten seconds. Once you have reconnected the router to the mains, you should wait a while until the device is fully operational again. You can also connect your router to the computer using a LAN cable to find out whether it is a WLAN problem.

These programs can block the internet

It doesn’t seem to be due to the router, but a connection via WLAN is still not possible? Then programs installed on your device could be the cause. If you use a firewall, antivirus software or VPN like privacyonline, you should briefly deactivate the corresponding program for network diagnostics. If the connection succeeds with the services switched off, an update or uninstalling and reinstalling the programs often helps.

Disturbance at the provider

It is possible that the problem has nothing to do with your devices and settings, but there is a fault with the provider. Before you call technical support and land in the queue, it helps to take a look at the websites. Here users can enter when their Internet or telephone connection is currently disrupted. If the messages pile up, the problem is most likely with the provider.

Unfortunately, there is only one piece of advice for this cause: wait. Until your provider has fixed the problem, you can practically do nothing. For very urgent matters, you can use LTE instead of WiFi and set up a mobile hotspot with your smartphone. However, you should have enough data volume available in your tariff for this. With a tariff with unlimited data volume, the time can be bridged well in this way.

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