Important Social Media Trends For 2021

social media trends

Social media are fast-moving and constantly changing. They reflect social developments and are thus constantly redefining the media industry. As a result, trends can be derived from topics that occupy society and especially the tech industry. Therefore, seven social media trends are emerging in 2021 that you should consider in your online marketing strategy.

Short and ephemeral content

Content of any kind should be kept short and sweet on social media. If posts are too long or complicated, the user switches off mentally. And because the attention span is known to be very low, contributions must be as concise as possible. In addition, the transience of content is still an exciting topic. Because the limited availability creates an exclusive character. Therefore, users are more likely to consume content if it may no longer be accessible tomorrow. For fear of missing something, they always check the stories to see if they are up to date. Accordingly, functions such as Instagram stories remain important and offer an excellent opportunity to share your content.

TikTok as a rising star

In addition to the giants like Facebook and Instagram, the smaller platforms are becoming more and more important. TikTok in particular grew more and more in 2020 and is particularly popular with the younger target group. It can therefore be assumed that TikTok will continue to be one of the top platforms in 2021. Due to the corona pandemic and the associated lockdowns, more and more users have found TikTok, as the social network offered the perfect entertaining pastime. Although the platform has now arrived in the middle of society, every company should decide whether to use TikTok for their own content is sensible to play on. The top rule is always: the content must match the platform and vice versa. Above all, this is to emphasize that the view to the left and right must always be open in order not to miss a trend.

Increased use of VR and AR

Although virtual and augmented reality has long been an issue, these technologies have so far only been used sparingly. This may be due to the technical requirements on the one hand and a change in concept on the other. With the new 5G mobile communications standard, the technical requirements should be less in the way of the future. New and creative campaigns that focus more on VR and AR will also revolutionize social media this year. This social media trend is becoming more and more important in 2021, especially with face filter apps and similar functions on Instagram, Snapchat, and Co.

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Focus on micro-influencer marketing

Many companies are now turning to lesser-known people who, however, have strong credibility in their community. These so-called micro-influencers have fewer followers overall, but can convey a high degree of authenticity within their niche and accordingly advertise products more inconspicuously and convincingly. That is why it is worthwhile as a company to continue to look out for exactly these influencers in 2021 in order to be able to implement more effective influencer marketing.

Video content is essential

Moving images can convey information and emotions much better than purely textual contributions. They attract attention and make users consume content more often and faster. As more and more video-based platforms conquer the market, this form of information processing will become an important social media trend in 2021. Experts predict that in the near future over 80 percent of all content will be videos. This is also evident in the popularity of the stories, IGTVs and reels. Reels, in particular, as a new Instagram function, was already convinced in 2020 and will also play an important role in 2021. But never forget that in addition to entertaining content, authenticity is also crucial here.

User-generated content is more important than ever

In times when the sender-receiver model is no longer valid, many companies make use of the possibilities of user-generated content. Because the UGC can be decisive for getting into an exchange with customers or followers. The self-created content the user can be used as a strategic instrument in online marketing. Companies can achieve this, for example, by means of a targeted call or participation competition via social networks. The advancing technology nowadays enables users to help design content quickly, easily, and creatively and to come into contact with companies or people. Thus, this form of the campaign not only generates direct dialogue, but also the prerequisites for a bond with the user. USG is set to gain even more importance as a social media trend in 2021.

Use the brand account and take a stand

Companies should not underestimate the effectiveness of company profiles on Instagram & Co. This is not just about showing the public and customers what exactly the brand is, but also about taking a position via the account and making it look real. To this end, companies should increasingly rely on employees who are known to be multipliers and can act as brand ambassadors. Because when people find out about a company, they are much more likely to believe an employee than a CEO or a journalist. As a company, you should therefore focus on employees and colleagues and let them speak for the company. This not only increases the credibility of customers but above all that of employees.

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