Does smart TV need a cable box?

smart TV need a cable box

If you wish to continue watching the channels that you already have, then the answer to this question is, yes. You do need a cable or satellite box with your smart TV if you want access to the channels you watched before. Also, for the fact that there is no other alternative that will do the same job for you. If you are looking for cable providers, we would recommend you to check out Mediacom TV plans. The channel line ups are amazing and you can compare and pick the one that you like the most for yourself and your household. Money wisely spent on a cable service provider will make your investment in smart TV worth it. You can even bundle cable TV with Mediacom internet to get the most out of your plan.

Different channels offer their streaming applications plus famous shows can be seen on various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Though, that is your personal choice if you want to stick to the paid subscription or any free service to keep yourself updated about the shows you are watching is something different.

Access to a steady internet connection is a compulsion for appreciating the connected applications and enjoy the subscribed services. It also plays a significant part in making a smart TV a smart one. Speed is directly related to the consumption and purpose of its usage but as far as broadband is concerned, the reply to it is straightforward, yes.

Information related to internet speed, video quality, and streaming restrictions is as follows.

  • In order to run a video clip, with quality less than 1080p resolution that’s most likely to be DVD quality, you’ll need at least 3 Mbps speed. Whereas, for 1080p the speed required according to Netflix is 5 Mbps and 6 Mbps is required for Hulu services to function properly.
  • If you wish to stream your favorite shows in 4K resolution, the requirements can become quite unreasonable at times.  Netflix has often found to be hinting at using a fast internet connection that has a speed of 25 Mbps or could be even faster.
  • On the other hand, a radio bandwidth of 16 Mbps is recommended by Hulu.
  • To stop certain channels in the list, traps, and notch filters were used which were set up in the line amidst your TV and the distribution nodes. They were also used to eliminate muddling signals. 
  • To get premium channels, you had to remove them if you really wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Having remotely operated channels as per the user’s liking is more common. For controlling channels, another method was the Cable Card for which many rear-projection TVs had a slot.

It depends on the cable service provider; if they are a legitimate TV service or not; if they are working on the same frequency; if they are sending the same channels or not. They should be sending channels as they did in the past with an equal range of frequencies. If the DSL connection is in service and it also needs the internet to function, it is not really the standard ‘cable TV’. It simply would be watching videos off the internet or online web. Even with using a fiber optic line, if you are not able to fix and secure it in the right place for the antenna input and watching something without using the internet.

There may be a box in your house or it might just be placed right outside your house and this can contribute to how a cable TV company might control which channels you are currently watching.

Final Thoughts

In the aforementioned discussion, we have tried to cover the aspect as to why cable or satellite box should be attached to Smart TV as well. Moreover, we have tried to cover some prerequisites set by some streaming services when it comes to internet connection’s speed or video quality. Smart TV needs a cable box if you want to have access to all the content you had before. Otherwise, you would be needing an internet connection for streaming services and different apps to function. This will allow you to get some quality content on your smart TV’s screen. We hope this was an informative and helpful read. Do share in the comments section below if you know any other hack or solution to get the cable channels to smart TV without a cable box.

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