Reduce the Cost of Cell Phone Service for the Entire Family


Customers can access a quarterly report from the ComReg on the customer service record of the country’s major telecommunications providers. Reports compile customer complaints and issues and investigate whether or not any complaints are warranted and also how many complaints have been addressed.

Simply skimming the most recent report can help generate a positive idea of which companies have a reputation for providing high-quality service along with those who may struggle to address legitimate customer concerns. It’s well worth your time to do some research before making a purchase if you place a high value on excellent customer service over low prices. GoMo and Clear Mobile, for example, are newer SIM-only providers that only provide online support.

Prepay vs. bill payment vs. SIM-only

If you decide on a monthly payment plan, the more money you can pay up front, the better. Over the course of the 24-month contract, this amounts to €1,920. If you have €299 to spare, you can opt for the €60 deal monthly, which results in a savings of €180.

Get a release from your agreement

A no-brainer, if you’ve followed all of the other advice so far. The time to become locked up in year-long agreements while superior value options overwhelm the markets is gone. It’s a wise choice to pick SIM Only offers which enable you switch or discontinue anytime. It’s only fair that you should be able to switch to a different mobile phone plan if your needs change or if you find a better offer from your network provider in the future.

Aside from the cost-effectiveness and high value of the plan, expertise is a vital factor to keep in mind. Make sure to check out customer reviews for the networks you’re researching for your smartphone before making a final choice. On TrustPilot, Lebara has the highest rating of any other mobile network provider, earning a perfect score of 4.4/5.

Eliminate extras that aren’t necessary

Take a look at your mobile phone bill for a minute. Find out whether you’re spending money on luxuries that are not essential. If you don’t understand a charge on your account, contact your provider and request them to clarify it to you. Reduce your monthly phone expense by cutting out the additional fees that aren’t absolutely essential.

Turning down insurance coverage

Insuring your mobile phone on a monthly or yearly basis is a waste of money if you’re being prudent and not getting an expensive phone. Families often shell out money for phone insurance they never use. That’s money you’d be better off saving for something else.

Become a Wi-Fi addict

Your ability to link our phone to Wi-Fi has a purpose. It helps limit data use which automatically tends to cut your mobile phone cost. If you have a restricted data plan, you’ll want to use Wi-Fi whenever possible to keep an eye on your data use. If you want to restrict your children’s phone data consumption, talk to the phone provider.

International calls and messages

Provided that you have data, you can avoid paying for overseas messages and calls using services like Skype, Zoom, iMessages, and WhatsApp. But if you would appreciate the added benefit of getting to place a short call to an acquaintance or friend overseas merely using your smartphone, then you may want to investigate offers that go with worldwide calls and messages.

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