RocketWallet Launches Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet that Supports Credit Card Purchases

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Blockchain-based firm RockWallet LLC has launched its non-custodial crypto wallet that not only enables multi-currencies, but also credit and debit card purchases. Built on BRD open source technology, RockWallet uses the familiar, user-friendly and trusted BRD open source code to introduce new features to the traditional digital wallet.

RockWallet is built on the BSV Blockchain, which is the largest public blockchain that is equipped to scale unbounded. Because of this, RockWallet can afford to offer instant nanopayments as a service, which is the sending of amounts of money smaller than micropayments.

Nanopayments can only be practically used when transaction fees are at a bare minimum, meaning the amount being sent is a lot bigger than the fee needed in order to send it.  Because the BSV Blockchain continues to scale, it can lower transaction fees to an amount that is hardly noticeable, currently averaging $0.0001 per transaction. This makes it cost-efficient to send fractions of a dollar without having to worry about high and volatile transaction fees.

When it comes to credit card purchases any amount of cryptocurrency bought must go through the full Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification process. It should be expected for platforms dealing in digital assets to demand KYC verification before allowing purchases or trades if for no other reason than for the protection of user data and transaction. Unlike cheap nanopayments, credit card purchases come with a 4% credit card fee plus the corresponding transaction fee.

Onboarding RockWallet

RockWallet is easily downloadable for free at the mobile app stores of both Apple and android. After going through a very simple onboarding process, users are given the opportunity to engage in the trading of a wide variety of digital currencies or to make purchases using a debit or credit card. After creating an account, all that is needed is a Visa, Mastercard or South African bank to start buying assets.

“RockWallet is a brilliant gateway into the market because it is incredibly easy to set up and use. RockWallet supports storing, sending, and receiving BSV, BTC, USDC, ETH, BCH, SHIB, BAT, LINK, LRC, XRP, USDT, and ZRX tokens,” RocketWallet COO Steve Bailey said.

Users have the option of keeping their funds inside Rock Wallet or sending them to other users. They may also send cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin wallets such as Luno, Exodus, Coinbase or Using this crypto wallet is made easy and convenient with added features, such as fingerprint authentication and facial recognition. More features are also being developed to be launched in the near future.

Because RockWallet LLC is a regulated financial services company in the United States, which has been licensed by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), users can feel confident that they have an extra layer of protection against fraudulent activities.

RockWallet LLC is an innovative financial technology firm staffed by individuals that continue to challenge the status quo of traditional approaches to the storage, transfer and trading of digital assets. The overarching objective of the company is for everyone to be able to take part in the evolving digital economy and reap its benefits through its non-custodial and multi-currency crypto wallet that offers innovative features.

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