Ways To Improve Customer Service Through Technology


You’d think that businesses do not need to be reminded that customer service is one of the most essential aspects of their operations. Customer acquisition and retention become challenging, to say the least, in the absence of excellent customer service.

However, many businesses do not invest time or money in their customer service divisions, which is a critical mistake. After all, according to research, 78 percent of customers would abandon a purchase if they have a bad experience with customer service.

Businesses must stay up to date and offer easy services to their consumers in order to keep customer service fresh and welcoming. Implementing new technology, for example, is an excellent approach to boost your customer satisfaction. Technology is a costly investment, but if you preserve it and use it to its best potential, you won’t regret it.

Today’s clientele has higher expectations of firms. Customer requests, on the other hand, are not an issue. To attain the degree of success they seek, businesses must adapt and modify their business practices, as well as how they handle consumers.

In short, when people want more from businesses, companies and brands must rise to the occasion to satisfy those demands. The good news is that technology can assist companies in accomplishing this goal. Here are a few ways that successful companies like Time Warner cable customer service adopt in order to interact with their consumers on a deeper level, which makes them one of the best in business.

1. Effective Communication

There is no justification for firms to have bad communication now that we have so many methods to reach clients. The nicest part about having so many different types of technology is that you can engage with consumers through their preferred ways of communication.

For example, the elder generation prefers to communicate by phone calls and email, whilst the younger generation prefers to communicate via text messages. Surprisingly, the majority of consumers prefer to connect via live chat these days. According to 2013 research, 73% of consumers prefer live chat to all other kinds of contact, and technology allows them to do so.

2. Empathy/Compassion

Customer service research has revealed that a lack of empathy is the top reason why clients become irritated with customer support representatives. Consumers believe that salespeople are indifferent and uninterested in their predicament.

Actually, the reps are just carrying out their duties in accordance with their employers’ procedures. Companies may change their rules to allow for empathy and compassion, owing to the power of technology. They may use live chat, SMS messaging, social media, digital marketing, and other tools to encourage more human engagement on the phone and establish a reputation as a caring firm.

3. Accessibility

There is no such thing as 9 to 5 customer service any longer, and those that continue to do so are sure to lag behind. Businesses may now be available at any time, whether through a late-night conversation or social interaction, and those that want to stand out will make use of these services.

Organizations may also be accessible from anywhere, at any time, by leveraging all modes of contact, such as email, forms, numerous social media platforms, chat boxes, 24-hour customer support, and SMS messages. Giving clients the flexibility to contact you whenever and however they want provides a level of independence that not every firm can provide.

4. Customers who are Self-Sufficient

Because many individuals dislike asking for help, promoting self-reliance through technology is a crucial element of providing excellent customer service. Customer service lines are significantly shorter now that consumers may obtain information through various channels. Customers may get a lot of information from businesses with well-functioning websites, including contact information, chat boxes, working hours, store policies, and business descriptions.

This may also help your brand gain credibility by acting as an authority in a specific field. Businesses may teach consumers how to assist themselves through webinars, podcasts, blog posts, and other forms of posted media including videos. 67 percent of clients can now discover answers to their questions on their own thanks to these information sources.

5. The Use of Social Media

Social media is one of the most important technological advancements in business-customer connections. Customers and companies may now interact at any time, without being intrusive, thanks to this jewel. Companies may engage with their consumers in a way that they like, without being too aggressive, by providing webinars, infographics, how-to videos, blog pieces, and more. It allows clients to come to you, which is the most effective method to get and keep customers.

6. Mobile Access that Makes the Job Easier

Information is something that customers desire and require. They want a simple way to get that data and interact with businesses. A mobile app is a fantastic and frequently required tool for organizations. Customers expect mobile applications to deliver information while also allowing them to interact with the app according to their own needs. The mobile applications are fantastic examples of hands-on solutions that users can access and use right away to acquire all that they need for travel. Everything is in one place.

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7. Accept Accountability for Your Company’s Actions

Every worker makes a blunder. It occurs in every business. Or, it could be a company-wide blunder, misunderstanding, or neglect. Whatever the reason for the occurrence, you must apologize to your client base. Social networking is a great method to immediately apologize. Many businesses utilize social media to address consumer complaints, particularly when such complaints are submitted through the site. Pizza Hut, for example, responds to consumer concerns on social media almost immediately.

8. Provide the Best Technical Support

When your product fails to deliver or an issue emerges as a result of its use, your consumer expects you to fix the problem right away. Even if it’s because they don’t know how to utilize it, they want you to offer excellent service to just repair it. This isn’t always a straightforward answer. In many situations, providing over-the-phone or over-the-internet support services is the first step in resolving a problem like this.

Bottom Line

New technologies and better customer service go hand in hand. Using technology does not negate the necessity for human customer service agents to maintain client connections. This type of one-on-one interaction is more vital than ever, and technology may assist to improve it. Follow the above-mentioned tips to become a successful business and never lose customers again.

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