Why Do Influencer Marketing?


The media have changed, and with them, the content creators. Among many others, one of the consequences of this new reality has been the appearance of new leaders of interest, the so-called influencers.

Those people whose opinion can mobilize a large number of people, their followers, are considered such.

As expected, someone with the ability to mobilize a certain audience is an added value for any marketing campaign, and that is why influencer marketing is booming.

The Reason for Influencer Marketing

They started by giving their honest opinions about products and services through their social media accounts. They were the voice of a “friend” recommending or discouraging what they had tried. Its popularity was growing, and the brands saw the potential that they hid. Nobody believed in product advertising anymore, but they did believe in recommendations. The famous “word of mouth” is taken to the next level.

Nowadays, although the influencers know perfectly that behind the product opinions, there is a considerable sum of money, they still believe in their words. They continue to trust the opinions of a person who shares a battery of commercial communications with them and their personal life.

At this point, you will understand that having them in your digital marketing campaign is very interesting because of the credibility they will give your brand, but do you know how you should do it?

How to Introduce Influencer Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

As in every one of the marketing guides, you will have read, the first step in creating an influencer marketing campaign is to analyze and get to know your target audience.

You are already clear to whom you are addressing, and now what?

Find Influencers.

Use social networks to locate them and make a list of those that best fit your brand by theme.

Analyze the Followers of the Shortlisted Influencers.

Once you have made a list of those influencers that could fit you in, you should:

  • Check that the followers of your influencers are real. Today, the rate of fake followers, or boots, is very high. To verify that the accounts meet the minimum requirements you must demand, use a tool that provides you with a complete report, for example, Hypeauditor. We all have fake followers but look for an influencer whose percentage of real followers must be greater than 75%. This will indicate that they have not bought them.
  • Analyze the engagement rate.  It will be useless to work with influencers who have a thousand followers related to the interests of your brand if their impact on them is zero. Review their feedback, check the conversations’ level of participation, and assess whether the response is appropriate.
  • Check that your audience is aligned with your brand.  Study the list of those followers whose audience and theme match your interests and evaluate their true level of mass mobilization. Now that the fence has gotten smaller, but the influencers are under the microscope. Of course, this is something you’ve done previously, but at this point, you need to be a lot more thorough. Check that their image is beneficial for your company, what other brands they work with, how they communicate, and their communication. After that, decide what will be the best image for your company.
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Contact The Influencers

With the decisions made, the time has come to contact. An agency will run the most professional ones. Working with them will be like doing it with any other artist. The smaller influencers run their businesses themselves. Be that as it may, the correct way to communicate with them will be professionalism and care. Make them see how beneficial it can be to work with your brand and all that your union can bring them in terms of image. Keep in mind that they live off their credibility, and they will not work with a brand that could harm them.

Prepare a dossier talking about your company and the specific campaign that influencers will have to work on. Make them feel like an active part of the campaign and the company. Bond with them. Understand that they will be workers of your brand and treat them as such. Let them express their ideas and adapt yours to what suits them best. That way, they won’t work awkwardly. The key to a successful influencer marketing campaign lies in the union of the brand’s image and that of the influencer, never in the imposition of one over the other.

Measure The Results

As in any marketing campaign, measuring the results is essential to know the true scope of your strategy. To do this, you must be aware of: 

  • Interaction rate: both with influencers and with the brand. 
  • Visits and scope.
  • Traffic to the website: easily detectable through Google Analytics, thanks to the links with UTMS.
  • Conversion: it depends on what you are looking for with the campaign. It can be sales or new registrations.

This yields the following conclusions:

  • Of the total sample surveyed, 93% use influencer marketing as part of their digital strategy.
  • 30.2% use actions with influencers as an ongoing strategy compared to 62.8% who do it periodically or occasionally, and 7% never take them into account.
  • The actions that are normally carried out with the influencer marketing strategy is to promote content or launch campaigns. The organization of events closely follows them.
  • 84% of those surveyed consider influencer marketing to be effective. 

For the most part, the purpose of advertisers who use influencer marketing is to increase their brand awareness and generate engagement, as they consider that this type of marketing gives them credibility and is the best way to reach their target audience.

The Ideal Profile of An Influencer

According to professionals in the field, the ideal profile that influencers must have for marketing with them to be effective is also analyzed in the study mentioned above.

As you can see in the infographic, the number of followers does not determine the scope; you have to analyze many other things to choose those influencers that best suit your brand.
Your influencer marketing will be effective by following these tips, but don’t leave everything solely in their hands. It is best to prepare a complete digital marketing strategy that targets several fronts. Do not abandon content marketing and pay attention to your social networks so that your campaign reaches your target audience. If you want to know how to focus on the different possibilities, take a marketing course to become an expert in the field. Remember that, in the case of not meeting the requirements for taking subsidized training, you have the possibility of opting for our private training specialized in Marketing, Social Media and Online Advertising.

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