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The Mix Of Management Strategies That Your Company Needs

Managing an organization today is a job in which not only business administration techniques are applied. Today, a company is a set of activities that involve managing projects and certifications over time, for which it is necessary to handle different business organization strategies. In most cases, managers and middle managers do not have adequate qualifications, […]

How To Make a Business Plan and Other Tips On Entrepreneurship

If you are thinking of undertaking and starting a business adventure, you will have to organize many ideas; about your product or service and the type of organization and its operation. When you start, you will value requesting private financing, public aid or, for example, entering business incubators to facilitate the start of the activity. […]

Business Energy Usage: How to Make it Cheaper and Greener

In business, there’s always the drive to keep costs low. Making your firm operate with the lowest possible overheads means maximizing your profits and running a streamlined, highly competi-tive company. But in 2021, a new factor is becoming increasingly important for your company’s self-image and reputation among clients and customers: your green credentials. In this […]

Qualities And Skills of The Business Administrator

We will begin this reflection by asking the following question: What exceptional qualities should a business administrator have? At first glance, the answer seems obvious. Still, as we progress in the roles and responsibilities of an administrator, we will notice that a simple name will contain a series of human, managerial, and business micro-constructions since […]

What Advantages Does Business Intelligence Bring To Your Business?

Before business intelligence existed, organizations had to manage the information they based decision-making in a manual and cumbersome way. Even though computers became widespread and it was possible to put them at the service of business processes, it took time and refinement to achieve the desired analysis and storage capacity. Today, big data and powerful […]

How Business Intelligence Can Transform Your Business

Business Intelligence is today an essential tool, allowing consolidation of the various inputs, analyzing them in real-time, and providing an accurate picture of the company’s performance. In addition, it is a tool that will enable organizations to have data on the leading indicators that intervene or directly impact an organization’s objectives. One of its main […]

What Really Matters When Choosing Meeting Management Software

Meetings are a big part of office culture, with recent statistics indicating that the average worker has a total of 8 meetings per week, with 41% of these lasting between 30 minutes and an hour for companies of all sizes in 2019. However, despite all this time being spent in meetings, 47% of employees admitted […]

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