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How To Improve Organizational Performance From Neuro Management?

Humans can’t help but feel emotions. In all aspects of life, these appear because it is natural. However, when it comes to the business and organizational environment, these cannot be allowed to affect decision-making and ruin communication, innovation, leadership, and production processes. Neuroscience, the part of science responsible for studying the nervous system, whose center […]

Profitability Of A Company – Tips To Increase It

Before considering your own business, you should know a company’s profitability and how it works. Making the correct calculations always to obtain the desired results is essential. Simply put, profitability refers to the benefits you can get from an investment. To better understand the concept and know-how to apply it, here you will find everything […]

Why Introduce The Agile Methodology In Your Company

Around the beginning of the 21st century, when people began to speculate about the need to work under less static processes to achieve better results, the Agile methodology was born . The Birth of The Agile Methodology Seventeen software development specialists , who held the position of CEO or project management , met in Snowbird […]

Companies That Use Virtual Reality Are The Companies Of The Future

Companies that use virtual reality are revolutionizing the way of understanding the market. In the last year, we have experienced a technological advance impossible to imagine before Covid-19. The so-called IV Industrial Revolution has brought with it changes that were not believed possible in a period of fewer than ten years. Companies are the great […]

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Controlling Are In Advance

The Future of Controlling What do I do with artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and progress through digitization as a controller? – More than you think! Companies worldwide are increasingly feeling the need to integrate new, data-based technologies to remain competitive. The use of these technologies implies far-reaching changes in the company’s internal handling […]

8 Significant Technologies in the Medical Field

Recent technological development in health care contributes to a more reliable and advanced approach. The latest technology allows timely treatment for patients, but it also offers an easier way to communicate between facilities. This tactic helps in giving better response time to patient’s needs at an affordable cost.  Moreover, technological advancement offers better adoption of […]

Application of Machine Learning in The Company

Machine Learning techniques increasingly prove to be helpful in different businesses and sectors. However, applying them in organizations does not consist of developing and training models but also in a series of previous and subsequent steps related to the definition of the use case and the target. The monitoring, once put into production and associated […]

Smart Management Software – What Are The Trends of The Future?

From the mainframes of the 60s (those computers that took up practically a room) to the cloud of the 21st century, management software has continued to evolve. And along the way, they have been gaining speed, acquiring new features, and becoming much easier to use. With the increasing introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and […]

Gadget Trends – Applications For Video Surveillance Cameras In B2B [2021]

Video cameras as intelligent, AI-supported technologies are proving to be supporters for business and society: Deep AI applications can not only be used for traffic control, but also for organizational tasks in the context of the pandemic. With hyper-automation, the topic of automation will be turned a little further in 2021 – here too, video […]

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