The Mix Of Management Strategies That Your Company Needs


Managing an organization today is a job in which not only business administration techniques are applied. Today, a company is a set of activities that involve managing projects and certifications over time, for which it is necessary to handle different business organization strategies.

In most cases, managers and middle managers do not have adequate qualifications, as their training and experience are based on simpler work models. In these cases, we have the solution. Through flexible and manageable pieces of training for people with little time, we can help overcome this obstacle.

Read on to find out how.

Business Management Strategies That You Can Learn Flexibly

R + D + i And Innovation Management System

The science and technology system concerns investment in R & D & I of many companies, so it is essential to be trained in this field. Not only should this system be known, but having skills on how to manage innovation can help any professional position themselves in companies in which the research component is important.

What knowledge are we talking about? We refer to knowing the access routes to R + D + I financing, public support programs, knowing what tax benefits research provides and handling the basic management tools suitable for this type of project.

Negotiation Techniques

In 3.0 companies, business models usually involve a lot of work with suppliers since it is common to work with offshore factories and with clients from anywhere in the world. In this context, knowing how to negotiate agreements well is essential to be profitable.

Negotiations have several components that must be known. First of all, each party’s different behaviours and how each one tries to influence the other, so it is important to know how to persuade when negotiating, and to understand the types of conflicts and disputes. That can be given. On the other hand, managing the phases and processes of the negotiation help not to be impulsive and negotiate according to a logical process: meet, identify needs, presentation of prices, treatment of objections, arguments, etc …

Design, Monitoring And Evaluation of Projects

Project work is becoming more and more common. Organizations seek maximum flexibility, slim down their structures, and plan hires and even workspaces based on active projects, so a project management specialist is a rising value.

There are multiple training and certifications in Project Management, but there is not always the time necessary to undertake major training objectives. Tackling smaller courses, there is the possibility of accumulating experience and knowledge while learning the different types of projects, their organization and methodology, and especially their monitoring and evaluation. The key is to achieve a methodological rigour that brings seriousness and commitment to management work.

Planning And Time Management

Business management strategies are not only executed externally. The optimal functioning of the work team can provide extra productivity. How to get it? Very simple, correctly managing the times and the work methodology.

Especially now, when digitization is progressing exponentially and telework is taking over, it is necessary to know techniques and applications that help us work optimally as a team (and alone). Concepts such as Delegation, time management and work planning take their maximum expression and training in these techniques that help us improve our personal and collective productivity is essential.

Management Of Worker Cooperatives

Cooperatives, and in general, all the entities that make up the social economy, are booming. Social entrepreneurship is being perceived as a modern and viable alternative at the beginning of business activity. The limitations of working under complex legal personalities are resolved with well-trained professionals knowledgeable about how these entities are managed. For this, the best thing is to do some management training that contributes to the know-how of the cooperative culture and the special business responsibility we work in this sector.

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