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Five Measures To Protect Against Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is currently one of the significant threats to IT security, and the recent attack on Twitter made it clear again. Security expert CyberArk names five simple measures that significantly reduce the risk of social engineering. The hacker attack on Twitter, which affected presidential candidate Joe Biden, ex-President Barack Obama, and Amazon boss Jeff […]

Why Do Employees End Up Falling Prey To Cybercriminals?

Online crime has exploded in the last decade. Since 2011, online fraud has risen by 81.3% worldwide, something that affects ordinary users and companies. Corporate cybersecurity should be a priority, and businesses should strive to understand what leads to their employees becoming victims of cybercrime. In general, the response data obtained by cybercriminals among workers […]

How To Identify Cyber Security Threats At An Early Stage

Cyber security is a major concern for businesses and institutions all over the world. As technology improves, so does the need for cyber security. Hackers are developing sophisticated ways to breach security systems of organizations and companies in a bid to match the standards that such institutions are taking to curb these attacks.To highlight the […]

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