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A New Rise In Password Theft – Here’s How To Protect Yourself From It

Lately, a new rise in the number of fraudulent software (also known as “malware“) allowing theft of passwords has prompted cybersecurity analysts to sound the alarm, warning users against identity theft, especially for companies that lack the necessary protections. Malware does not operate the same way as raw threats: users infected with these password-stealing malware […]

Logical Computer Security – Basic Principles And Fundamental Policies

Information in its broadest meaning is today one of the essential elements for the development and growth of any organization’s business. The current social and commercial interconnection makes information security an essential element, as information is increasingly exposed to a growing number and variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Consequently, adequate and effective protection is needed. […]

Cybersecurity Is An Urgent Challenge For Companies

The interest in cybersecurity is increasing, but betting on it to prevent attacks and unexpected threats is still something pending in many companies. Cybersecurity is the set of tools, policies, security measures, and technologies aimed at protecting information assets and users of an organization from malicious attacks or threats in the cyber environment, ensuring that […]

Five Measures To Protect Against Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is currently one of the significant threats to IT security, and the recent attack on Twitter made it clear again. Security expert CyberArk names five simple measures that significantly reduce the risk of social engineering. The hacker attack on Twitter, which affected presidential candidate Joe Biden, ex-President Barack Obama, and Amazon boss Jeff […]

Essential Protection For Online Shops – The Firewall

We are starting today with the topic of firewalls, explaining what a firewall is and what you should consider when using it. What Is a Firewall? A firewall can be described as a barrier protecting entire networks and separating network areas from harmful data traffic and hacker attacks. The network firewall is installed at the […]

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