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5 Ecommerce Metrics You Need to Master to Sell More

Metrics, indicators, KPIs…. The importance of taking them into account to evaluate the performance of our business is constantly reminded, especially if it is an ecommerce. So much so that we may feel overwhelmed and want to measure everything. For this reason, in this post, we will focus on the five most important metrics for […]

E-commerce – 7 Trends To Watch Closely In 2022

Conversational commerce, the growing weight of social networks, the hybridization of retail… Focus on seven trends that will impact e-commerce in the months to come. Two thousand twenty-one is finally coming to an end, and the time is ideal for analyzing what is looming for the year to come! This year, many companies have disrupted […]

How Can Your Ecommerce Store Benefit from Translation Services?

Selling anything to anybody requires effective communication, whether this is written or spoken. Without a mutual understanding and a connection between seller and buyer, the entire interaction tends to break down. For those of you wishing to branch out onto a global stage with your eCommerce store, you may be well aware of how prominent […]

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