Ten Surprising Reasons To Have a Blog



Suppose one of the Firm’s objectives is to gain new and different clients. In that case, the answer is affirmative because when someone comes to your blog seeking to solve their doubts about VAT, taxes, tax return and gets hooked on the explanations of your posts, the immediate consequence will be to ask you about your services.

We Explain Below The Ten Surprising Reasons Why Your Professional Office Should Also Have a Blog:

  1. The blog is one of the most powerful tools to generate new customers. And if you want to generate many more, in addition to having a blog on the WEB, you can distribute the posts periodically through Social Networks and emails.
  2. A blog generates more credibility and trust than an elaborate advertising message. An advertising message interrupts your potential customers when they are browsing other sites, while the blog does not interrupt and is an excellent tool to explain how it can help you solve your problems once you find it.
  3. A blog can publicize your Professional Office in a spectacular and accessible way. For example, if you write excellent posts, other media will be interested in them and spread them. They may even invite you to give lectures to talk about the topic you wrote in your last publication. As you can see, a blog is a cheap and effective way to spread your brand. 
  4. A blog unleashes the creativity of all the members of the Professional Office because the team meets to brainstorm ( brainstorm ) about concepts of posts or about what most concerns clients. Each person part of the professional team has a vision, clients, or a perception that can be very interesting when creating new publications.
  5. A blog is an inexpensive way to differentiate yourself from the competition because each firm has its way of seeing and doing things, and the blog is an excellent way to demonstrate it. The pity is that the Firm managers still do not believe in its effectiveness and are not involved.
  6. The blog helps to direct more quality traffic to your WEB. The more posts you make, the more chances you will attract quality traffic to your WEB. On the other hand, Google values ​​more WEBs that have constantly updated content, which is why a WEB comes to position itself among the first. It is often said that Google likes ” fresh meat. “
  7. The blog can end up creating great alliances. For example, name on your blog influential people from the Sector, or the post you are dealing with at the time and announce them in some way that you have included them in your blog, for example, by calling them or sending them an email with the link to the post and by the way you win one more visit ;-). Some people are pleased about this, and it is a way of gradually gaining good alliances with these people.
  8. The blog also serves to retain customers you already have: refer to them in some of your posts, for example, indicating a service that you have updated or find a way to make them feel like you are addressing them personally in any of your posts.
  9. The blog can be used to link to services on your WEB that you want to highlight. Throughout a post, you can put links that lead to that place on the WEB that you want: new services, contact page, or a service that you want to promote at this time.
  10. Give a newsletter on your blog in exchange for them leaving their data. Experts say, “The money is on the mailing list. ” So, generate a mailing list thanks to exciting content in your post that has enough value to attract and encourage users to leave their data in return.

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