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CMS Platforms For Your Online Commerce


An online commerce SaaS that will accompany you from the first steps of the project, due to its ease of use and that will adapt to all changes in the size of your business until you are a giant. It has a wide range of functionalities, it can be customized very easily and it offers a wide range of logistics, financial and technical services.


A software that has something else on the market and because it is free (it is free software) is among the most used in the Spanish market. 30% of digital stores in our country are set up with this platform. Of course, it requires more implementation and maintenance work than the SaaS versions.


Another solution very much in line with the previous one: free, open-source, and highly recommended for projects that will have the advice of experts in the development of this type of project. It is mounted on WordPress at no cost, although you have to pay for the necessary plugins to customize the store. It is used by 28% of businesses. 


It is the platform par excellence for the largest e-commerce projects due to its great capacity to scale, whether it is projects oriented to B2C or B2B. Magento is also open source, which allows you to customize it to the maximum, but on the contrary, it has a higher cost compared to other CMS, both in its initial implementation and in its maintenance.

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Payment Gateways


It is one of the favorite tools for managing payments in digital stores due to its cost and flexibility: it supports the main debit and credit cards, works with more than 135 currencies around the world, and adapts to new global payment methods, such as as as Alipay. 

Put me off

A tool that helps customers to defer payment for their purchases easily and in a few clicks.

Mastercard and Visa

Payment methods with Mastercard as well as Visa cards are interesting due to the consumer’s brand awareness and the solvency when it comes to processing large amounts of transactions from any device: mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Smart Lockers


Citypaq is the service that Correos has developed so that stores can include the smart locker service as a delivery method. A key service in the logistics chain, by facilitating delivery in safe places located in the office or in the neighborhood community.

Mayordomo is a Smart Services company that has been crowned the best Prop Tech in the world in 2020. Its Smart Point technology has converted hundreds of company buildings, institutions, and even hospitals, into Smart Buildings, connecting them with hundreds of local suppliers and all the online stores. The technology allows local businesses to minimize their logistics costs and offer discounts in addition to improving user convenience. Its deliveries are zero emissions and with Covid-protect technology.

Email Marketing


There are more popular email marketing tools, all of which we will tell you below, but not so “ours” and so affordable. this automation tool will help you to manage the messages of your business with your customers in real-time, to create highly personalized shopping experiences, and to control the customer journey in all your sales channels. 


A best-seller among online business email marketing services. It always appears in the lists of the best eCommerce solutions repeatedly due to its versatility to manage email campaigns, so useful in online sales: overcoming spam filters, personalizing messages, reports of bounce rates, and spam complaints …


An all-in-one marketing solution that will help you design and measure all your messages online, whether they come from emails, blogs, social networks, etc. 


An emailing tool that differs from the rest due to its simplicity. It will help you grow with just enough money and time. 

Carts Guru

A tool that allows you to create marketing campaigns for all phases of the customer’s sales funnels: from their contact to the key attention calls for them to reconsider their purchase or the recovery of carts. And all from a multi-channel proposal.

Content Marketing


If you need to create content to attract customers to your online store, this platform will help you connect with specialized journalists and influencers who will help you in your content marketing strategy. It also offers SEO services to improve the organic positioning of eCommerce. 


Google analytics

It always appears in all the pools when advice is requested on essential tools, because of their usefulness, reliability (it is Google) and because it does not involve any financial outlay. It will help you understand the traffic of your store and the interaction that users make with it, either for your commercial proposal or for your advertising actions. Since it is free, it is advisable to mount it from minute one; there are few payment tools that overshadow it. 

Market Analysis


Keeping an eye on what the competition is doing will help you better define your marketing actions, especially if you work with prices. Minderest is the key solution to optimize this pricing strategy: it monitors for you what Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, etc. offers. and helps you set the most accurate pricing strategy. 



As in any digital value proposition, SEO in eCommerce is key to success. And technology like Semrush is among those preferred by online marketers for that positioning. It will help you to know the search trends of the users, the sales strategies of the competition …

Social Media


It will help you manage your actions on social networks from a single place, identifying traffic to generate more appropriate actions, detecting new potential customers, and scheduling content on various networks, to reach your audience at the best time and through the most appropriate channels.

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