The Best Sports Betting Strategies For 2021


Many professionals make a living from sports betting. This would hardly be possible without a well-thought-out sports betting strategy. Before you place your tips, you should also come up with a strategy for sports betting. In this article, our team of experts will introduce you to the top sports betting strategies for 2021 and give you valuable tips in addition to the best live betting and handicap betting strategies. Use the years of experience of our experts to increase your chances of winning many times over!

The bet on late goals

In any case, it is always a good idea to have a profitable football betting strategy ready. Our tip: Bet on late goals! For example, look for games in the Bundesliga where a favorite competes against an outsider. In these games, goals are very often scored in the closing stages of the game because the underdog becomes tired and unable to concentrate. Therefore, the favored team often scores a goal between the 75th and 90th minutes.

Progressive tie bet

A good football betting strategy is the progressive draw tip. If you bet on a tie and are correct, you will often triple your bet. If you don’t win, bet your team’s next game will be another draw In the best-case scenario, you will still have made a profit. If you are wrong again, you will also place a tip for a tie in the next game. If you are correct, you will at least get your stake back. If you are wrong three times, raise your bet next time. For perfect sports, bet visit 22Bet sportsbook

Use sports betting bonus effectively

With a good bookmaker on the net, you will receive a lucrative welcome bonus of at least 100% with your first deposit. Use this bonus to test different types of bets and to bet on different games and races. This is a unique opportunity to get to know a bookmaker’s betting range without incurring losses. However, find out about the bonus conditions beforehand, as you will have to wager your extra sum a few times again.

Handicap betting on a tie

You can make a lot of money with a good handicap betting strategy. In this type of bet, the favorite enters the game with a fictitious deficit, for example with a 0: 1. If you have picked the favorite, the team must score at least two goals for your bet to be correct. A good way to capitalize on this type of bet is the handicap bet on a tie with often very high odds. So if Bayern Munich wins 2-1 against FC Schalke, but you have placed a handicap bet on a tie, you win.

Choose fringe sport

In addition to the popular sports betting in football, basketball, or tennis, many bookmakers also offer fringe sports. In these sports, the bookmakers use statistics to set the odds, as there is a lack of specialist knowledge. So if you are particularly well versed in esports, for example, you can use this knowledge and benefit from very lucrative odds. ´

Value bet strategy

Many professionals rely on the value bet strategy. You are betting on a team that is very likely to win but still has an attractive rate. You can use numerous statistics to calculate the probability of victory. If according to your calculations, this is 70%, for example, but the bookmaker has only set a win probability of 60%, you have found a value bet.

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