The First Information About iOS 15 – You Can Expect These Features


Apple has not yet officially announced iOS 15, but the next version of the iPhone operating system is already casting its shadow. Features include flexible notifications, a new lock screen, and more data protection. There are also major innovations for iPads.

The Apple-internal code name of iOS 15 is apparently “Sky”. The information comes from the most well-informed Apple insider Mark Gurman. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can look forward to many new functions.

Flexible Notifications For Work, Leisure, and More

Mobile phone users know the problem: They are often overwhelmed by the many notifications that are on the lock screen. Whether and how users want to be informed about incoming notifications often depends on the respective situation. While there is time for notifications on the lock screen (including a beep) at home, things look different at work meetings.

Instead of using the do not disturb feature or even flight mode to circumvent the problem, iOS 15 should have a new function menu ready. It is also possible to configure the behavior of notifications for specific situations. For example, different behaviors for work, sleep, driving, or any other circumstance.

For example, it should be possible to receive all notifications with a beep in the “Leisure” mode – and only allow certain notifications at work. iOS 14 already offers the “Do not disturb while driving” feature, but iOS 15 extends the flexibility of notifications immensely.
The new menu appears in the control center and on the redesigned lock screen, for which there are no details yet. In addition, there would be automatically generated replies to messages that you cannot react to at the moment.

Drilled iMessage, More Data Protection

Apple is also planning new features for iMessage to bring the messaging apps closer to third-party competition such as WhatsApp in terms of functionality. There is no concrete information about the innovations yet. In addition, the company is once again expanding data protection in iOS. This should include a new overview of all apps that collect user data in the background.

iPad Home Screen With Widgets

iPadOS 15 should also have a lot in store. After Apple enabled iPhone users to freely place widgets on their home screen with iOS 14, this year it is also the turn of the iPads. In addition, the home screen of the iPad will be completely redesigned, it is said. This is the biggest change since the first iPad in 2010. Apple is presenting iOS 15, iPad 15, and other new operating system versions on June 7th at WWDC.

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