Why Do We Need To Be Internet Security Specialists?


The Internet has taken over our lives and has created a globalized world, where everything is interconnected, and today it is a tool for everyday use.

In this sense, it is important to know its basic operating characteristics and, even more importantly, to make responsible, ethical, and safe use of the Internet.

Possibly you think that everything on the Internet is free … and nothing is further from this reality. Our payment currency is our data and all the information about our behaviours on the network, such as connection times, contacts, location, interests, habits, …

Internet Security

We use the Internet in our day to day, whether to search for information, entertainment, work, learn new things, and in its most widespread use, to communicate. Social networks, blogs and web pages have taken over our devices, and their use keeps us permanently connected with our entire environment. We only need a device and an internet connection.

We share photos, documents, videos or any multimedia material. We send emails. We carry out banking operations. We keep all of this on our mobiles or personal computers. We practically carry our lives in our pockets. We usually save all our information in the cloud or a hard drive without worrying too much about our privacy. The “bad guys” know well and take advantage of getting hold of all this information for bad purposes.

Surfing the net can have serious consequences, from accessing false or malicious information, exposing ourselves to virus or malware threats or receiving spam emails.

Become an Internet Security Specialist

With the arrival of 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), we connect all kinds of devices or devices to the network and each other, making the physical world unite with the digital one, and with this, threats are multiplying.

The digital world is already here and is growing at an exponential rate. That is why it is necessary to take a series of measures to make our experience on the Internet as pleasant and safe as possible. Of course, this entails a series of actions that we are not used to and require minimum knowledge that guarantees us security and privacy.

The free antivirus that we find on the Internet is not enough. In many cases, they do not warn us of the threats, and the best option is a good subscription antivirus. This can help us a lot in this work.

But beyond an antivirus, there are other methods to protect our privacy and security, Proxy, VPN or Firewall like prywatnoscwsieci are concepts that surely you are not familiar with, but their use provides us with a high degree of security, that if, remember that there is nothing or no one who guarantees us one hundred percent security.

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