The Top 5 Youtube to Mp3 Converter Tools Online

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People can listen to songs and enjoy videos in their spare time, but audio songs can be listened to at any time, even if you are not free. Precisely for this reason, there are many YouTube to MP3 converters available online. For example, YouTube Converter helps you convert all your videos to audio format. As long as it’s available in a YouTube visual format, it can be a song or a podcast.

The best 5 Youtube mp3 converters

There are many YouTube to mp3 download apps that you can install on your phone or laptop. In addition, you can perform this task online without the application. Some websites act as YouTube mp3 converters. All you have to do for these sites is copy the link of the YouTube video you want to convert to audio, paste the link into space, and click convert. Yes, it is as easy as you think, so you no longer have to worry about converting videos to mp3.


Evano is one of the best free YouTube to mp3 converter tools available online. It is also available for free. This youtube to mp3 converter supports a wide range of file formats for your video conversion. Supported formats include MP3, MP4, WMA, ALAC, AVI, MIDI, and AAC.


The unique thing about the Evano converter is that you don’t have to convert the video manually. Instead, enter the video URL in the action bar, and the program will automatically convert the file to Mp3. Then, all you have to do is download the converted file.


  • It supports conversion in most video formats: mp3, mp4, WMV, Flv, MOV, 3gp, avi.
  • An integrated video player for instant viewing of your videos
  • It allows you to download complete playlists and channels.
  • It provides smart mode features to help you apply your favorite settings to all additional downloads.
  • Supports Windows and macOS


This is another great Youtube to Mp3 Converter tool online to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. This is a free and very easy-to-use program. Copy the video URL and paste it into the action bar of the toolbar, select the desired format and convert it. After conversion, you can download the converted file.


With a simple design approach, this online conversion tool is really easy to use. And, of course, it’s free like everyone else. It also supports different file formats for conversion.


  • with ontiva, you can download youtube videos in 8K / 4K / 2K / 1080p / 720p and other resolutions.
  • Ontiva allows you to download YouTube playlists, channels, 3D and VR videos.
  • Download multiple videos at once from different sites.
  • High download speed.
  • Easy-to-use M with an easy-to-use interface


With this Youtube to Mp3 Converter tool online, you can download video to mp3 files in 30 seconds. YThub is a great online tool to enrich your music experience and expand your multimedia library with just a few clicks. With this downloader, you can convert YouTube to MP3 to edit, cut, and rename the converted video. In addition, you can use this YThub YouTube to MP3 Converter to download YouTube music in MP3 format.


To download your favorite songs, go to YouTube, find the video to download the audio, copy the URL, and use this tool. You can download songs with this YouTube to MP3 Converter.

  • Easily convert videos to MP4 or MP3 format.
  • The video is available for download in 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k qualities.
  • YThub supports various formats for conversion, such as Mp3, Mp4, 3GP.
  • It allows you to download private videos from YouTube.


This is another good YouTube to mp3 converter available online. It is only designed for converting YouTube videos. Like the others on this list, it’s very easy to use. Just copy the YouTube video URL, paste it in the toolbar, and select the file format before converting. The Y2Mate download speed is very fast, and you can convert multiple videos at one time. However, this tool does not allow you to download or convert copyrighted videos on YouTube.


Color-coded buttons help you understand the purpose of the buttons. For example, the orange button is for converting to MP3 format, and the green button is for the MP4 file format.


  • Colour coding options to see the download progress.
  • Watch the free video later on other devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, etc.).
  • Free video download
  • Easy to use and fast.
  • Video is available for download in HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K.

YouTube Audio

YouTube Audio is a tool that offers a very simple mechanism for converting videos to mp3. Registration is not required. All you need is your YouTube URL. Enter the video title, and the audio will be converted to an mp3 file, and you can start downloading right away. Nothing should be installed on your computer or mobile device.

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It can be used on Mac, Linux PC, and even iPhone. All conversions are performed in a high-quality mode of at least 128 kbit / s. This is a completely free service, and you can get mp3 audio from YouTube videos in minutes.


  • No need to download any software
  • Download free videos from over 50 sites.
  • It supports almost all types of formats
  • It offers high quality 128 kbit conversion

Benefits of Youtube to Mp3 converter

Besides being able to listen to audio files at any time, there are many other benefits that explain why you need to use a Youtube to Mp3 Converter tool online for all your videos.

Save space on laptops and mobile phones- Video files are much larger than audio files. You can store at least 100 audio files in a space suitable for only 10 videos. So if you are out of memory and you don’t have enough space on your mobile phone or PC, it is better to convert video to an audio file and enjoy it.

Improve loading speed- YouTube videos take up a lot of space, slowing them down, taking longer to load, and increasing megabytes on the Internet. In addition, the required video transmission capacity is much higher than the audio transmission capacity. Therefore, you can speed up the download and easily save and listen to the selected file by changing the file type.

Audio quality using YouTube MP3 Converter- The sound quality may be affected when you consider downloading videos. If you want to listen to high-quality audio, you must consider using Youtube to mp3 converters.

With all this in mind, there are many reasons and benefits that you can get by converting YouTube videos to audio files. For this reason, we recommend a good YouTube to mp3 converter for these kinds of tasks. This article showed some of the best youtube to mp3 converters to download music and videos in MP4 format from YouTube. However, when it comes to high quality and quick and free conversion, you must prefer Ontiva, Evano, and YThub. These tools are an ideal way to convert YouTube to MP3 video or audio online. Moreover, these tools always use high-quality videos to create the highest quality MP3 files.

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