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Among all the web browsers that are currently available, chrome is one of the most used one. However, there is an auto clicker for chrome. From online games to online shopping or conversing to the data entry works it is the most famous and used web browser across the world.

With the passage of time and more advancement in the field of technology there are some new and exciting features that are being introduced and that is why millions of other users across the globe are attracted towards this browser such as auto clicker for chrome. And why not, it is easy to use, safe and free of cost.

For gamers, developers and people who are in the stock market which is continuously rising and falling chrome has become the new favorite because of one very exciting feature and that is its auto clicker feature.

Users continuously need to click on their screen while shopping online over Amazon, or doing data entry over excel or even playing PUBG on their PC to get the desired results, it definitely needs multiple clicks on the PC or MAC screen.

In order to be more relevant and friendly to use Google chrome has offered a very cool and exciting solution to the problem of continuous and tiring mouse clicking. In order to do this very tiring and boring clicking work there are some very smart and helpful applications out there that can do thousands of clicks just in a second.

All software and chrome extensions for MAC and Windows come in the category of mouse auto clickers.

How to Configure Mouse Auto Clickers For Chrome?

The main function of a mouse auto clicker is to automate mouse clicks on your MAC device or PC. By configuring the application you will allow it to do the job for you even if you are away somewhere and not sitting in front of your PC.

There are some parameters and all you need to do is configure the application with those parameters. These parameters are given below:

Total number of mouse clicks: It takes into account the total number of mouse clicks that you need your Google chrome to make as an input.

Location of pointer: It takes into account the location where you want the entire mouse to automatically click an input and then synchronizes that with the given screen.

 Time duration: It focuses on the time interval that the user wants between a group of clicks or two consecutive clicks.

List of URL: It provides you with an option to upload various lists of URLs. All you need to do is to enter the exact destination where you want the click as well as the track of the mouse click button.

Various auto clickers available for chrome

There are a good number of auto clickers that are available but here I will provide you with lists that are not only exclusively designed for Google Chrome but also they are safe to use.

OP auto clicker

It is available for Windows OS. The best thing about this auto clicker is that it is simple to use as well as configure. There is no rocket science in it and that is why it is the best option if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about auto clickers and their mode of function.

It is basically a general auto clicker and that is why it takes several parameters. The location in this type of auto clicker is specified in two ways.

  • In order to auto click you can either go for dynamic location of the given pointer
  • Or it can be specified with the help of a coordinate axis.

If you want to reload the given web-pages automatically then OP auto clicker is the best one for you.

Murgee Auto clicker for chrome

If you want to record the overall sequence of your clicks then Murgee auto clicker is the most suitable one. All the sequences will be saved automatically and then the clicks will be automated in the chrome in the very same manner.

It is very user friendly auto clicker software, free and also it offers all the functionalities of a mouse auto clicker.

Auto clicker Auto fill

This auto clicker is basically one of the many chrome extensions and it can be installed from the store of chrome web.

All you need to do is install it on your PC, once the installation is done then go to the local setting page and on this page you will have the option of copying the URL pages that you like to auto click. The special feature of this specific software is that it will help you to click on multiple web pages at a one time.

Fast mouse auto clicker pro


As the name indicates itself, by using this software you can easily do fast clicks in a second. Just set the total number of clicks that you want to do in a second and remember it can be as high as 8k clicks in a second.

With the help of fast mouse auto clicker pro you actually do a lot of amazing stuff. You also have a variety of options like choosing the type of click you want, total number and also you can set the URL of the given website with the help of this auto clicker.

How to download auto clicker for chrome?

Follow these simple steps if you want to download an auto clicker for your chrome.

  • Go to the setting button and click on it
  • Now go to the menu button
  • Choose accessibility and then go to manage settings
  • Here you need to click on the touchpad and mouse section.
  • Go to automatic clicking option
  • A ring will appear on the cursor when you don’t move it.


It is one of the most helpful extensions of Google chrome. The main purpose of an auto clicker is to make things easier for its users. With the help of this article you might have an idea what is an auto clicker, auto clickers for chrome and also how to download it for chrome.

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