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The importance for a business of having an updated corporate blog with quality content is indisputable, but where do you get the ideas from? In this post we tell you about different content ideas so that lack of inspiration is not a reason for not having a good blog.

How to choose themes for your blog

The first thing you should do is be clear about who your buyer person is, that is, who you are addressing. You should never forget that your blog has to be a key tool in your business to attract potential customers, that is, you must create content of interest to attract these potential customers and hook them from the first moment and make them fall in love with your brand.

Once you have this part clear, I recommend that you make a list of main topics or themes adapted to that target audience. A little further down I will give you 10 topics that can be used for almost any type of business, but first I recommend that you use these tools to find the keywords for your business and, in this way, you can adapt the rest of the topics for the blog.

Some ideas to help you in your search:

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner to find out the most frequent search terms and their bid price.
  • Google Trends to view and analyze search trends.
  • Answer The Public to get headline ideas from a keyword. 
  • Ubbersuggest to see keyword suggestions and your SEO competition.
  • Keyword Tool to search for key terms on Google, Instagram and other social networks.

Nor should you forget that if you create perennial content (that does not expire) it is much more useful because it will have a much longer life within your blog.

content ideas for your blog

And now yes, finally we tell you what 10 ideas can help you overcome the syndrome of the blank sheet and start writing a post for your blog today. But never forget the intention that should go behind each post!

Step-by-step tutorials

Creating tutorials or guides on how to solve a certain problem is very useful, practical and highly valuable content . In addition, articles like these allow you to make different posts on the same topic in parts, if there is enough content to be able to divide it.

Consequently, you can currently find two guides in various fascicles ( how to go to press and how to create your website ). This type of content for the blog I do not recommend that you do it regularly since it can take a long time, and you should never forget that it is free content, information pills to get the reader’s attention and that they can hire your services or request more information.

This type of content can also be used to create downloadable resources, in this way you already make sure you get a lead.

Educational posts about your area

Producing educational / informative articles can help you to demonstrate your expertise but also to educate your clients.

For example, if we work with a client who is a printer, we can develop a blog post on how to send files to the printer. In this way, in addition to positioning ourselves in Google with this post, when a client does not know how to send you the file or does it incorrectly, you can redirect to the blog post and in this way learn more about your company, but most importantly, save time explaining it from 0.

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Expert interviews

When you lack topics or want to have a periodic section, you can make use of the interview with other professionals in your sector , for example, every first Monday of each month: new interview.

These types of articles can save you a lot of time in writing, since it may be enough to have a question template and update each interviewee with a specific question for that person.

Of course, you must not forget that you will have to “give something in return”, usually a link to their website or social networks, so try to make them professionals who complement your activities and not so much direct competition.

You should also bear in mind that even if you save time in writing, you will have to invest time in looking for these professionals, contacting them, reviewing their texts, publishing the posts on the blog and disseminating them … It was not going to be that easy!


Infographics or images that provide valuable information is content that can work great on your blog, but most importantly: you can reuse it for other platforms such as social networks, and you will also have very useful content to upload to Pinterest and redirect traffic to your blog.

The important thing about infographics is that in addition to providing valuable content, they are easy to understand and explanatory. It’s the perfect type of material to download and save on your computer for occasional reference or even print. Is there anything better than having your brand seen every day?

Accordingly, one of the infographics that has worked best on Pinterest is the meaning of colors.

Experiences or learnings

Talking about your own experiences or learning, always related to your sector, can be a good way to create content that is “easy for you” and that can help others.

These types of posts help a lot since we all like to read the experiences of others to learn from their mistakes and their successes. One piece of advice is that you try to talk about your own experiences, but within the professional and not so much of the personal, because you must not forget that it is a client-supplier relationship, that is, professional.

Take advantage of membership

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the affiliate links on your blog so that in this way, in addition to adding value, you can generate passive income.

Of course, the important thing is to focus on giving value, so for example, if you are affiliated with Metricool, you can create a post about “3 necessary tools to manage Social Networks” and name Metricool with its link (which by the way, in a meaningful way is our favorite tool) or if you are talking about web pages.

These types of posts can be very interesting for the user, as long as you make an effort to create the content that the user needs.

Latest trends / news

Producing novel articles about trends or news can help you position your brand very well and quickly in certain keywords, but you must bear in mind that they will be posts that “die” after a few days or months, which will not serve to position you forever.

I recommend that you make publications of this type, especially if you find out about something new before anyone else, but that it is not the only source of inspiration for your posts.

Some types of content that work very well in the area of ​​marketing are:

  • Image sizes Social Networks – June 2020 update. You can try to reuse this type of post and try to adapt it with each new feature, only changing the sizes that are modified.
  • Instagram news 2020
  • Marketing trends 2021
  • Ecommerce trends due to Covid-19

Use the multimedia format (images, infographics, videos, podcasts …)

One way to create more valuable content with less effort is to use the multimedia format, that is, to take advantage of the content of a blog post to complement it with an infographic, a video showing how to do it, an image or infographic with the summary … You can also connect them to each other and redirect traffic from one place to another.

Another option, as we do accordingly, is to adapt the content of some blog posts to create carousels for Instagram . Have you thought about it?

Guest Authors / Contributors / Guest Posts

Finally, you should know that working with guest posts or guest authors is a fantastic strategy for your blog. The operation (and effort) is similar to the interviews of professionals, but in this way, you can also exchange posts and thus generate link building on other websites in the sector.

It is important that you have a style book for the guest authors and that you pass some recommendations so that they “do not clash” on your blog. You must also regulate what types of links can be added in your post, how many words or extension they must have, how the structure should be …

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