What Is An Infographic And Its Types?


Do you know the infographics? They will help you communicate at any level to connect with your target audience in a simple way. You will see what they are, how they are made and of course, you will value the types of infographics to apply them in your project

Types of infographics

There are many types of infographics, being a resource that provides useful and concrete information . It will help you communicate internally or externally in your business to better understand any topic . You must choose the most appropriate to achieve your goals.

What is an infographic?

It is a graphic representation that communicates information, being easier to understand with the naked eye. Taking advantage of the visual format, it is quickly analyzed by the human eye, becoming a very useful communication tool.

How do you make an infographic?

First of all, you have to be clear about what you want to communicate, with what style, evaluating the data to include to define who it is addressed to . Because of this, you need planning to develop it properly.

Theme to develop:

You must provide data with a correct approach, transmitting information through an attractive design to achieve the objective of teaching or persuading , drawing attention with practical utility, providing valuable content.

You can include text and images , making your message clear. Add dates or statistical data , as well as diagrams and maps to guide the user.


It is the most creative part and you must take care of it to effectively communicate your message:

  • Balance between image and text: find the middle ground so as not to saturate the user, playing with icons and illustrations.
  • Focus: focus on the main topic to avoid doubts, providing complementary information
  • Layout: pay attention to the proportions and dimensions, counted with the typography, selecting the appropriate size and defining the color, measurements, spaces and margins.

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What is an infographic for?

First of all, it can help you in your content marketing strategy, having evaluated its advantages over other formats. It simplifies the information to communicate, being easy to share to reach viralization. 

Its main advantages:

  1. Send an easy-to-understand message
  2. They generate more interaction on social networks
  3. Improve your brand image

Infographic examples

They are very varied, depending on the topics you want to detail. Therefore, to design the most suitable for your project, know the types of infographics and decide which is more appropriate to achieve your objectives.

Informative infographic

It is suitable for news or to explain events or important events. 

Product infographic

Describe the characteristics of a product to make it known, summarizing its advantages.

Sequential infographic 

It is a graphic that shows an organized sequence, supported by a structure with icons or images. It is perfect for guides, manuals or tutorials, summarizing the information through graphics

Process infographic

It consists of making a visual scheme to understand a process, explaining it step by step. 

Chronological infographic 

Represents a succession of data or events, maintaining a time line, transmitting evolution over time

Statistical infographic

It summarizes numerical information, representing statistical results or trends, including graphs or lines to detail quantities or percentages .

Comparative infographic

Its objective is to highlight the differences between variables or elements, it could be very useful to communicate the advantages of your product or service compared to your competition

Geographic infographic

It will help you understand any concept through maps , although you can take advantage of it to show the business structure of your business, for example.

Scientific infographic

It facilitates the teaching of academic topics but is not limited to training, reaching more topics . You can explain complex matters with technical concepts.

Biographic infographic

Describe the biography of a person in a few words to communicate their activities or studies . In this way, you can highlight the most relevant of his life.

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