10 Trends in Social Networks That We Have To Follow In 2020


Trends in social networks are a basic aspect that you must take into account in your social media strategy. By following these trends, you make sure you are up to date with the vast majority of users and not lag behind in terms of your competition.

And is that the use of social networks by companies has become a fundamental pillar. Not only within the communication strategy but also within the marketing strategy.

The 10 trends in social networks

Social Selling

To boost purchases and connect businesses with their audiences, the main social networks (Facebook and Instagram) continue to bet on electronic commerce within themselves. In this way, users do not have to leave the social network and can buy quickly and easily. Do you like it? Buy it already!

Fast-consumption content

Consumer society demands products quickly and that can be used immediately. Social networks have been able to adapt to this trend in social networks, hence the high success that Instagram stories are having. In turn, Facebook and Whatsapp also grow in this regard, although to a lesser extent. Twitter will launch its stories section shortly.

Audiovisual content continues to rise

The studies predict that more than 80% of the audiovisual content that we will consume throughout 2020 is in video format. This requires a higher quality when creating content. It will also be essential to have professionals who know how to handle video creation or editing programs such as Premiere or After Effects.

New social media

We are sure that you have seen a video from TikTok, the social network that is succeeding among the youngest (or generation Z). This social network is characterized by the creation of short videos with music as the main feature. Its users have been in charge of giving it a use beyond what it was created for, creating very varied content.

We will see how this application evolves or if the rest imitate it to avoid user flight, as has happened with the Instagram stories by including the music label. Do you remember Vine or Snapchat? They were totally cannibalized by Instagram ‘stories’.

Social listening

Brands must pay special attention to the demands of their customers on different social networks. In this way, they will be able to adapt their communication strategies and products to what current and potential users are really demanding. In addition, they should not forget the importance of also listening to customers of other brands, thus being able to locate even a gap in the market that can be covered.

Of course, in addition to listening to their users, they must pay attention to the community in general: understand it and know how to speak its language. Thus, you can create messages full of hype and get users to see your brand as its crush and not as something random.

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Chatbots will allow us to streamline the management of comments and incidents in a faster and more personalized way. This will translate into better customer service and, consequently, a better company image.


Many brands have been betting heavily on micro-influencers. These are profiles with a not very high number of followers, but enough to have a loyal audience that generates high levels of interaction. In addition, its cost is much less than that of a major influencer, so a company can even opt for several micro-influencers instead of a large one.

User-generated content

Brands place great importance on the generation of content on social networks by their followers and users of the brand. The GCU ( Generated Content User ) is a way to build loyalty and create community. The most common way to locate that content through original hashtags created by the companies themselves, so that they differ from the rest.

The humanization of the brand

A trend that has been going strong is the humanization of brands on social networks. This consists of including within its communication strategies the staff of the company itself, those who make the brand possible. We are not surprised to see community managers signing with their names (real or fictitious) when they respond to a comment or brand profiles that proudly teach their employees.

Social welfare

It is one of the trends that are giving more importance to the main social networks. It no longer only matters what social network is used, but how it is used. For this reason, applications such as Facebook or Instagram are experimenting with publications without likes. They are also testing different tools so that users are aware of the time they spend on these networks. For example, Instagram privately offers the time spent on Instagram, and even allows you to configure a maximum time of use and create reminders.

Of course, these social media trends are generally applicable to all brands. But watch out! You have to take into account the peculiarities of your business when putting them into practice and adapting them to your own strategy. For example, if your brand has an adult target audience between the ages of 40 and 55, creating a profile on Tik Tok may not be a good idea, as this network is targeted at a very young audience and you probably won’t feel identified with your brand.

Finally, on social networks, ‘ trial and error ‘ reigns. If you don’t test these trends on social media with your brand, you’ll never know if it works!

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