SCAMPER Technique – How it is useful for positioning on the Internet

scamper technique

What is the SCAMPER technique?

SCAMPER is an acronym that represents the words: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put in other uses, Delete, and Reorganize. This technique is very common to innovate, while for positioning on the Internet it is very useful in creating content.

Often times, the SEO copywriter or copywriter goes through a creative block and the easiest way to move your assignments forward is to work on texts that you can improve or existing ideas instead of creating something completely new. Remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can make it work more efficiently and the SCAMPER technique is based on this idea.

SCAMPER technique to improve positioning on the Internet


Find a part of your concept, product, service or process, etc., that can be replaced with another to see if it brings improvements. In the case of your blog content, you could update an old article by inserting a keyword variable and see in time how many visits it receives. This will help you determine which keyword works best, such as a trial and error process. Another example of a substitution would be to create an infographic for your blog or a video to include variety in your content if you make 4 texts per month you could replace one with any of these visual formats.

To combine

Most of the time you don’t have to invent something completely new since the solution already exists. One idea may not work alone, but if you can combine it with several, you may get a more efficient result.

A great example of a combination in Internet positioning is the creation of a corporate blog and the constant publication on social networks. Many times fashion influencers write a cosmetic review on their blog and then record a video or take photos using these products to spread the visual content on the networks.

To adapt

Remember that sometimes an idea that works to solve one problem can also be used to solve a different problem. An example of a successful adaptation for positioning on the Internet is when traditional physical stores decide to also sell via e-commerce.

Another super important adaptation for positioning on the Internet is having your business website designed so that it looks good on all devices: computers, cell phones, and tablets.


Modification is a constant in Internet positioning taking into account that the Google algorithm is constantly evolving. You could modify the dimensions of your blog images or even the logo of your company when making the changes you could ask your clients to give you their opinions.

You could also modify the focus of a content or its structure to compare which performance is better in terms of web positioning: the original or the modification, etc. By modifying you can expand or exaggerate until you find a new perspective or if you add value to the content.

The modification will help you identify which part of your process is easiest or most difficult for you when creating optimized content for Internet positioning. In another modification example, to expand your website, you could add a category and focus on positioning for that new item.

Put in other uses

This action is similar to “Adapt”, it is about putting an existing idea or concept in another use, that is, using it in a different way than originally intended. For example, if you have multiple posts on a particular topic on your blog, would they get better performance in an e-book ?, in conference videos like TED? Or in downloadable audios? You could use interactive tools to enrich traditional text content and achieve the Internet positioning you need to reach more people.


Elimination may sound familiar to those familiar with the LEAN method: more productive equipment and the creation of viable minimum products, or the Six Sigma methodology: focused on reducing variability. In other words, it is about eliminating inefficient processes in order to rationalize them.

An example of elimination is Apple’s decision not to include an optical CD / DVD drive in its MacBook Air to make it slimmer and lighter. In the case of positioning on the Internet, you could search for and remove pixelated images from your blog or website, infographics that do not have many visualizations, products, or services that you no longer offer, videos on topics that have lost their validity, etc. we can also use the VPN providers like privacyforkorea for the business


When creating valuable content for Internet positioning you should generally rearrange your ideas to fit the inverted pyramid structure: core information should be included in the first paragraph and details in the following paragraphs.

In order to conquer search engine results pages, you could reorganize your blog publication schedule, reorganize the navigation tree of your website, etc. Remember that when you reorganize or reverse the way a platform or product is used, this process helps you see things from a different perspective.

In today’s world, if you work in any field you must have an interest in strengthening your Internet presence, and using the SCAMPER technique can help you.

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