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Some want to go back to their “normal” office as quickly as possible. Others found taste in working at home. The Industry of Things editorial team has put together a few (reputable) devices that could make the home office even more attractive or at least alleviate the suffering.

Come to stay: For the home or mobile office – born from the Corona need – this could actually be the case – even if, according to a survey, many employees were commissioned by the industrial association which represents the interests of office furniture manufacturers and Office decorator is looking forward to returning to the “normal” office soon. Because not everyone likes home offices. Often, the home office cannot keep up with the office in terms of equipment or teamwork opportunities.

Home office – an oasis of calm for many working people

But not only that: 80 percent of the 1,000 respondents between the ages of 18 and 65 miss personal contact with colleagues as well as teamwork and project work (40 percent) – even if the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs are unlikely to please the team – Really lift the spirit in the office. Finally, the work processes should be designed in such a way that the employees have as little contact with each other as possible.

The home office also has its positive sides. 62 percent of those surveyed rated rest at home as a real plus point of digital “homework”. This should also be a reason why 74 percent of all employees wish to be able to continue to work at least temporarily in their home office. This is especially true for younger employees, who are generally better socialized than the older in terms of digitization.

Fast internet

The GigaCube, for example, Vodafone – promises instant fast internet and consequently no more jerky video calls or bumpy presentations. even where the broadband cable-fiber network is not yet available. The mobile router is equipped with a SIM card and can be used at home, in the apartment, or in the mobile office.

To do this, he accesses the LTE or 5G network from Vodafone and converts it into a WLAN signal. This brings bandwidths of up to 500 megabits per second into the home office. The GigaCube only has to be connected to the mains, the laptop, smartphone, or workstation with the GigaCube via WLAN or LAN cable – and off you go.

Long-range: 5G at 700 MHz

Thanks to the special SIM card, the GigaCube receives the cell phone signal and converts it into an open WLAN. In this way, speeds of up to 500 megabits per second are achieved. The high upload speed of up to 50 Mbit / s ensures uncomplicated uploads and sending documents by email in seconds.

Even in the country, working from home works with the GigaCube 5G. Vodafone recently started the 5G expansion in the area as the first provider with new frequencies (700 MHz band) that reach further into the country and bring the network better into the houses because of the lower frequency.

What would inspire the work in the home or mobile office more than a few bars of brisk music? This is ensured by the new Smart Speaker Mini from Telekom. The little brother of the Magenta smart equips the home with digital voice control as a rental or purchase device.

The workplace as a second home

There is a VR lounge with four virtual reality “playgrounds”, a team room and a quiet room for further training and concentrated work in silence. The “bar” is particularly popular, where chilled non-alcoholic drinks are always available. “These areas invite you to a relaxed exchange.”

And, as befits a center of digitization, room’s 3D solutions were used to plan the new premises. Counters and seating areas were virtually placed and tried out in the rooms, wall colors were planned and furniture was selected. Everyone in the OneHub was allowed to get involved. Individual pieces of furniture such as the bar and the seating area in the team room were even designed after careful planning.

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