What are Offshore Sports Betting Sites?

Offshore Sports

Offshore sportsbooks, as fancy as the name sounds, are not novel. They have been around for a while, presenting a viable alternative to placing wagers in local land-based casinos. But, most importantly, they provide opportunities to wager on games far beyond the shores of your country.

The advent of anonymous sports betting sites brought more international sporting events within reach of punters. Regardless of your country, you can easily access these platforms and place wagers without limitations. Moreover, being online, these sportsbooks circumvent some strict regulations holding most local casinos back.

Anonymous sports betting sites provide services to millions of bettors. However, there are a few things to know about them to get the best out of your online gaming. First, we will examine the most crucial checks you should make before placing your valuable cash on the line.

What to Look for in Anonymous Sports Betting Sites

The lack of regional restrictions allows anonymous sports betting sites to carve out innovative solutions. You will be surprised that the competition among them is even fiercer because of their numbers. So, they do all they can to provide the best, which will woo bettors.

Sports lovers often find solace in anonymous sports betting sites, as they offer more options. However, these platforms need even more to build a strong and lasting reputation.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) projects that local bettors spend almost $150 billion worth of bets on offshore sites. That is a staggering number that indicates these sportsbooks’ popularity. Thankfully, we will explore some characteristics that make them popular and those you should avoid.

Look out for the following on anonymous sports betting sites:

Proven Fairness

Local bookies might not have extensive options, but you can be sure of fairness. The strict regulations mean you can bet safely without fear of unanswered withdrawal requests. You will also enjoy fair odds in all the games.

Assessing the fairness of anonymous sports betting sites is a little bit different. They are not subject to local laws, but you can confirm if they are fair or not. One way of doing that is through independent testing bodies like eCOGRA.

Anonymous sports betting sites that have eCOGRA seals have passed rigorous tests on their games and platform. As a result, you can shed the fear and bet on them.

Another way of proving the fairness of these offshore sportsbooks is through user reviews. Players always leave text translations of their experiences on these platforms. If the reviews are positive, then you will have no problem.

On the other hand, you should try another one if the reviews are negative.


Regardless of how advanced and attractive anonymous sports betting sites look, never bet at one without a license. Being offshore bookies does let them off the hook for obtaining licenses.

Their licenses might differ slightly from what your local bookies have. Popular bodies that regulate them include the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Curacao eGaming, and the Malta Gaming Commission.

Having a license is one way of proving integrity. Most legit anonymous sports betting sites have at least one license, with some having two.

Payment Options

Another area where anonymous sports betting sites or offshore bookies excel is payment options. You will find support for the likes of PayPal, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

Having these modern payment options brings swift transactions, unlike at some local bookmakers. Some might even transact in cash, resulting in slow transactions. Anonymous sports betting sites have offered some of the industry’s fastest payments and withdrawal speeds for a while.

Advantages of Offshore Sports Betting Sites

Now, you know what features to look for in anonymous sports betting sites. Checking them will guide you against the host of scam platforms that will disappear with your funds.

Offshore bookmakers have several advantages over regional variants. Contrary to superstition, they highly regard integrity and player safety.

With that in mind, here are a few ways these platforms have distinguished themselves:

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

One of the growing discomforts of using local sports betting sites is the lack of swift payment methods. As mentioned earlier, some still use cash or bank transfers, which are dying breeds of transactions. However, cash is good if the casino is within walking distance from your residence.

The case differs with anonymous sports betting sites, as they support innovative payment methods. For instance, deposits are instant, and withdrawals take less than a day.

Players Safety

Aside from obtaining licenses, offshore bookies employ several security measures to keep their users safe. However, offering online services comes with the risk of hacking and losing data.

Popular security measures include 2-factor authentication, SSL encryption, biometric lock systems, etc.

Innovative Gaming Platforms

Often, anonymous sports betting sites invest more money into creating the ideal platform for bettors. This differs from the regional variants, which usually have simple and passable platforms.

Bonuses and Promotions

Who wouldn’t love the spice of bonuses and promotions? You can even find offshore bookmakers with zero wagering requirements on their offers.

Also, the amounts could be staggering, whether for free spins or match deposits. These deals allow you to bet without using your primary funds.

Is it Legal to Bet on Offshore Bookmakers?

The legality of betting on anonymous sports betting sites depends on your country or state. Take the United States of America, for instance. While no federal laws criminalize offshore gaming, some states have outlawed the practice.
The best thing is to read your state’s regulations on the matter before registering and placing your bets. Placing offshore bets will not save you if the law prohibits them in your locality. Thankfully, states provide their regulations on the internet for easy access.


Today, anonymous sports betting sites are not only legal but also the go-to option for those seeking international games. They have impeccable services and smart-looking platforms that can woo even most critics.

While they offer extensive gaming options with competitive odds and markets, you should consider your local laws first. Some states and countries prohibit their citizens from wagering on these platforms.

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