A Guide to Smart Homes For Seniors

Smart homes

Smart homes have become much more prevalent than ever before. Smart homes offer everyone benefits. However, they can be especially useful for seniors. Not only do they help seniors achieve greater independence, but it allows them to live independently even with mobility issues and more. Smart homes make for the perfect option for seniors and a mobility scooter can be a great option. Here are some of the main reasons why smart homes prove to be so incredibly beneficial for seniors.

1. Remote Access

One of the major things that seniors require that smart homes can deliver is remote monitoring. It’s imperative to monitor seniors’ physical vitals and medical data for safety. With various smart home systems, that can be done without physically being present. It’s also a good way to monitor your loved ones from the convenience of your home while allowing them to live independently yet safely. Things like remote access to thermostats, lighting, and even security systems can offer seniors the chance to live alone and with more independence for longer.

2. Biomedical Monitoring Devices

There are now implantable devices that can provide around-the-clock monitoring whether inside of the home or outside. This can be a great option for seniors that want to live by themselves without a caregiver at all times. These devices can prove to be crucial to keeping independent seniors safe. They can mean the difference between staying alive and dying. A portable medical storage bracelet that houses all of a senior’s records can be a very important tool for emergencies as well.

3. Alarms

There are so many smart security systems available nowadays. These systems deliver a lot of features that prove to be very beneficial for independent seniors. You can set up unobtrusive cameras, silent alarm systems, and more. There are also practical benefits that can help seniors keep themselves safe and healthy. For instance, they can have a remote smart lock installed that allows them to speak to people at the front door without having to get out of their chairs. They could even remotely lock or unlock the door if needed without having to physically get up to do it. This is advantageous considering how many seniors fall and break hips annually.

4. Mobility Assistance

There are plenty of different useful mobility assistance devices too. Smart devices are entering the marketplace like smart vacuums and even devices in robotics to help the physically ill or disabled. These devices typically have sensors embedded in them and they don’t get in the way of a senior’s normal routines.

5. Medication Reminders

When it comes to medication, it can be difficult to remember to take for someone young. It’s easy to see why many seniors forget to take it. What’s worse, a lot of medications need to be taken at a specific time for the best effects. Different smart home devices can be easily programmed to alert seniors when they need to take their medication. It can also alert them when they need to schedule an appointment to see their doctor and more. Best of all, some of these devices even have a visual component to them to ensure that the senior is taking the right medication at the right time and at the right dosage.

6. Smart Locks and Systems

As mentioned previously, the safety of seniors is critical. It’s difficult to have your loved ones living alone when they cannot appropriately keep themselves safe and secure. However, with smart locks and smart security systems installed, it can be much easier for you to get the peace of mind you need knowing they are safe. You can have garage door alerts sent to your devices, security alerts, and more. These things can help a caregiver check on their loved ones without having to be physically present. It can help you remotely monitor them to ensure they are safe.

7. Automated Lights and Thermostats

Even the most basic everyday tasks can become difficult for seniors. This is especially true if they have mobility issues. The simple task of turning on and off the lights can be troublesome, painful, and even dangerous for those with mobility concerns. With smart systems installed, the lights and temperature can be adjusted remotely without getting up. They can even be set up to be controlled by voice so they don’t even have to use a device to do it.

8. Smart Home Assistants

Smart home assistants can be found on home devices and our mobile phones and tablets. They are becoming increasingly popular for the average homeowner. These devices are usually voice-activated which makes them incredibly accessible for seniors. They can be linked up and synced with various smart devices that can help seniors gain more control over their homes. They can do simple things like using it to look up recipes, make calls, and even turn on the television.

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