How To Use A Mobile As A Surveillance Camera

Surveillance Camera

If you have a mobile phone at home that you don’t use, you can take advantage of it and turn it into a security camera.

Watching your pets and babies if you leave your home and go on vacation will be very useful and give your life extra peace of mind.

How To Use A Cell Phone As A Security Camera

To use a mobile as a security camera, you will need: 

  • A mobile with a camera, which will be the one you use as if it were an IP camera 
  • Internet connection (preferably WiFi
  • Find the point where you want to place your surveillance camera and make sure there is a plug nearby to connect the charger. 
  • Have your main mobile or computer to be able to observe what happens at the point you are monitoring 
  • Install any of the applications that we recommend below 

Applications To Turn Your Mobile Into A Surveillance Camera

Alfred Camera 

Alfred Camera is one of the best applications to use your mobile as a surveillance camera, and it’s also free. 

Its intruder alert function and cloud storage stand out (receive notifications when movements are detected). To access all the functions, you have to pay a monthly fee of $3.99, but the free version is sure to be more than enough. 

With this application, you can remotely observe what happens in the room where you leave your mobile, which you can also monitor from a computer. 

In addition, it has a microphone function so that your voice is projected on the surveillance device, a low light filter to record in poorly lit areas and the possibility of sharing the broadcast with several people for total peace of mind. 

The steps you must follow for the configuration are: 

  • Install the app on both mobiles 
  • Sign in to both for pairing to take place 
  • Select one mobile as the surveillance camera and the other as the display, and you will be able to see in one what the other records. 

With more than 10 million downloads and a 4.8-star rating, this app is available for Android and iOS. 


  • Live streaming 24/7 
  • Notifications and recording when detecting movement 
  • Talk in real-time through the surveillance camera 
  • Cloud storage of recordings 
  • low light filter  

Camy – Video Surveillance At Home 

Camy is another alternative application to turn your old phone into a surveillance camera, similar to the previous one. 

You have to install the application on the Android that you will use as a security camera; then, on the one, you want to monitor and give access to it using a QR code. 

This app gives access to the live broadcast to mobiles that capture said code and has motion detection and a low light filter, with the possibility of activating the camera flash and switching between the front and rear remotes. 

This app is free and is compatible with both Android and iOS


  • Motion detection 
  • walkie-talkie mode 
  • night light filter 

Uses of The Mobile As A Surveillance Camera

These apps will be very useful if, for example, you have a pet and you have to leave it at home while you are away. You can see what they do and even communicate with them through the microphone. 

Thanks to its microphone, you can also use your mobile as a baby monitor to watch it and even hear if it cries. 

In addition, thanks to the motion detector of the apps that we have shown you, you can receive alerts in case there are intruders in your home or room, and if you are not watching the live video at that moment, do not worry because it will be stored cloud recording. 

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