What Do You Need for an Internet Startup?


For many, the DotCom bubble is still in their bones, which burst in the late 1990s and early 2000s and cost many shareholders a lot of money. But with others, this trauma has already been overcome, and you can see that in the fact that there are again some startups who are trying their hand at an innovative idea on the Internet. But what does it take for that?

Internet Startups are Humble.

If you have a great idea that can be implemented with your knowledge and the Internet, you don’t need to find a startup. A sufficiently powerful computer, a smartphone, and internet access are sufficient. Compared to what an honest production company would need, these are very manageable hurdles. The most young company founders face other problems – because while they usually already formally meet the requirements, they sometimes want to upgrade – new brooms sweep well.

The startup also has the advantage that you can get by with little financial means and the disadvantage that, at least at the beginning, it is often not clear how you want to earn money. Sure, you could go cleaning the doors of potential investors, but they also want to see something that at least shows the potential.

New Acquisitions on Credit

It is not uncommon for them to go to the bank to apply for a loan. The money is then put into IT, for example, or used to pay freelancers. If the project works as expected and shows the first signs of success, the young company will be better off, and you may even be able to pay off the loan faster. But be careful: not every loan allows free special payments.

This is about the possibility of transferring larger installments than intended. As a result, the bank loses income through interest, so this type of repayment is excluded in some loan agreements or costs extra. With installment loans or credit lines, however, this is rarely a problem.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look at the terms and conditions and the small print to know where you stand and not to make unnecessary mistakes – because one thing is sure: a startup will make mistakes and learn from them, but making fewer mistakes means to be more professional right from the start.

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