How Electronic Wearables Help Us To Get Fit

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One of the most common purposes that we usually consider with the arrival of the new year is to get in shape and in this way lose those extra kilos that we usually eat during the holidays. This requires great dedication and willpower on our part so that our purpose does not fall into oblivion and show off our best figure when summer arrives.

To help us do this, we can find electronic devices called wearables with which we can track our exercise and daily activity and in this way be sure that we are developing the correct training to achieve our goal.

What are the functions of wearables

  • The most common wearables that we can find are smart bracelets (smartbands) and smart watches (smartwatch) that will be in charge of recording what we do, be it our pulsations, our respiratory rate, the hours we sleep, as well as our feeling of well-being. or stress. They will also help us to reinforce our eating and health habits.
  • These wearables connect to our mobile via Bluetooth, although all measurements and data are obtained independently, as we will not need our smartphone for the correct functioning of the bracelet or smart watch. The link with our mobile is made to export the data obtained and thus be able to store, compare and view them more comfortably. For this we will only have to download the manufacturer’s application on our iOS or Android device, synchronize it with our wearable and in this way be able to continuously monitor all its functions and data collected.
  • As we have mentioned before, the most used wearables today are bracelets or smart watches , which we must choose between one or the other depending on the utility that we are going to give it.
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Top Smartbands

Smartbands are thin, ergonomic and very light smart bracelets that will help us control our sports performance by quantifying all our activity, being able to use them to measure steps, calories, dream cycles, pulsations, distances traveled, etc. They generally have a small screen to control and program them.

These smart bracelets, in general, are quite inexpensive devices , so they are usually suitable for all pockets. We can find smart bracelets such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the Samsung Fit e or the HONOR Band 4, as the best known.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 : This smart bracelet is characterized by having a 0.95-inch AMOLED screen, which is possible to customize and a weight of 22 grams. It has IP68 water resistance and interchangeable rubber strap. It will allow us to receive and read notifications, as well as measure our steps and calories consumed while we exercise.

Samsung Fit e : This smartband has a minimalist and light design since it only weighs 15 grams and has water resistance up to 50 meters. It has a small 0.74-inch black and white PAMOLED screen , where we can receive and read notifications. It has functions such as sleep monitoring and stress detection, as well as recognition of the type of exercise we are doing at all times.

HONOR Band 4 : This smart bracelet stands out for its 0.95-inch curved AMOLED screen , as well as its resistance to water and dust and has NFC technology, so we can even pay with it. It has a battery that reaches 14 days of use . There will be no lack of options such as controlling the heart rate during any activity, as well as recognizing any type of exercise that we are doing.

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Top Smartwatchs

A smartwach is what we know as a smart watch , which has a design very similar to what we know as a traditional watch, but with the ability to connect to the mobile, allowing you to receive notifications, messages, receive calls, among other functions. They are larger and heavier than a smartband, but in turn it can be equipped and configured to give it a more formal or sporty appearance depending on the occasion, being compatible for any act, not just sports. They are also more expensive than smart bracelets and have more functions and versatility , although at a significantly higher price in some cases.

We can find high-quality smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy Wacth, the Huawei Wacht GT or the Amazfit Bip Lite.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: This popular Smartwatch has a discreet design that combines with both an elegant and sporty look. It has a1.2-inch AMOLED screen, 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage, as well as NFC. We can perform a multitude of functions, from receiving notifications to controlling our daily training, being able to even save mp3s and play them directly from the watch without having to carry the mobile with you.

Huawei Wacht GT : This Huawei smartwatch is characterized by its OLED screenthat provides us with great visibility both indoors and outdoors and by its 420 mAh battery with which we can obtain up to 14 days of use . It has an elegant design so we can use it in any situation and has different exercise routines, stopwatch, barometer, timer, alarm among many other additional functions.

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