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Hundreds of new websites or e-shops are created every day, but not all of them help their owners. Investing in a new website or your new e-shop should mainly bring benefits for your business.

The online environment is a key issue for most companies and brands today. It opens up possibilities that physical space will never give you. If you happen to be still on the fence, let’s summarize what being online means for your business:

  • influx of new customers
  • the possibility of expansion into foreign markets
  • continuous sales
  • possibility of interaction in real time
  • large amount of data for analysis and statistics
  • reduction of personnel costs
  • and many other benefits

If you decide to invest time, effort and money into your new website, you want to make sure you get the most out of it. So let’s take a look together at how to create a new high-quality website for you.

The Introductory Brief is An Important Beginning of Any Website Creation

At the beginning of work on every new website we create for our clients, we ask what they expect from their website. For some, brand presentation using static pages or articles may be important . For another client, the number of sent contact forms and therefore direct contacts to their potential clients.

In addition to the goals, it is important to clarify who your new website will target. Who will be his visitors? Will they be end consumers, decision makers of your potential partners, or a foreign audience? At the same time, we are always interested in what our clients expect from the design, functionality or language mutations of the website. All this information is essential for us in the next steps of website creation.

Quality Web Design Is Key

As soon as visitors click through to your website, the first thing that catches their eye and can be put off at the same time is the design of your website. It takes part in the visual presentation and thanks to it you build/communicate your brand. The design of the website is also important in terms of the behavior of visitors on the website. Show them the information you need, direct them to the subpages you want them to see, or to the buttons they want them to click.

When designing web designs, we pay attention to the uniqueness and specificity of your new website. At the same time, we are not subject to short-term trends that will no longer be “in fashion” in half a year. When we prepare the design of new websites, we realize that the new website should serve you for several years without the need for a redesign. We focus on the website having a clean and clear design. It will be appreciated not only by you, but especially by website visitors who will want to navigate it easily.

Design consistency is very important. This applies to the color spectrum, typography and images. In the case of colors, we use those that are typical for your brand and business. For texts, we suggest a main or additional font, which we use to suggest the right sizes in order to achieve the correct hierarchy of texts. When it comes to images, we pay attention to their quality, resolution and relevance to the content.

CTA Elements And Their Correct Placement

Getting visitors is one thing, but turning them into your customers is another thing, but very important for your business . It is web design and the correct placement of CTA elements (Call To Action) that can be crucial in obtaining conversions. Thus, the location and design of buttons, links or icons also depends on how many visitors directly contact you or perform the desired interaction/conversion.

Remember that the visitor should not wander on your website and browse it completely. Let’s direct his steps exactly where you want. With each click on the CTA element, your CR (Conversion Rate) increases, and the higher the CR, the more successful your website is.

Image Quality Matters

It is photos or images that have an important impact on how your website will look visually. Visual content is much easier to consume and more colorful than monotonous text. When designing new websites, we have several options to choose from. Either the client supplies us with photos and images from their own production, we purchase them from a photo bank, or they supply us with sources from their suppliers or partners. In reality, however, it is most often a combination of these options.

When using photos or other graphic resources, we always pay attention to their quality, material connection with the content and certainly also the correct size of the images. When we prepare new websites for clients that contain vector graphics, we upload them directly in curves in order to save space on the hosting and at the same time take care of the loading speed. Images that are too large can have a negative impact on the loading speed of your page.   

Simple navigation

A fatal mistake is when you let the visitor “wander” on your website. As we mentioned above, it’s important to drive visitors where you want them to go. We pay attention to this aspect already at the beginning of the creation of the website itself – during its brief and subsequent web design.

Place the navigation in a visible place, make it easy to understand and easy to read. You will help your visitors so that they do not feel lost with you. At the same time, you will not give them space to leave the website, as long as they find relevant information easily, using high-quality navigation.

Responsive Design Is A MUST HAVE!!!

For many people nowadays, the mobile phone is the primary device for browsing the web. But in addition, they also use desktops, laptops or tablets. Extra attention should be paid to this fact . If your website is not optimized for different types of screens, there is a chance that you will lose a large part of your customers. The display of your website is different on a tablet, mobile or desktop.

Even nowadays, you often come across websites that are still not responsive. Here at BigWay, we take responsive web design as a matter of course for every project we create. It is mainly about arranging individual parts of the website so that they are displayed correctly on all devices, but it is also important to pay attention to the functionality of individual elements. In practice, this may mean, for example, that instead of the traditional horizontal menu, you choose the so-called hamburger menu for mobile viewing to make navigation usable and clear for visitors.

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