How Will 5G Revolutionize The Cloud & Big Data?


It is now clear that 5G will dramatically change how we consume data shortly. Already deployed in many cities, the growing massification of the coverage of some territories will bring new and revolutionary use cases. By this, 5G will significantly increase the use of the cloud. Here is why.


Currently, many businesses and individuals are still not taking advantage of cloud storage and its benefits. Data stored on good old internal hard drives, USB drives, or internal servers remains the norm. Why? Quite simply because the files are often too heavy to be transferred without latency from a remote server to the end-user. In question, the too low speeds offered by 4G and the little usable bandwidth.

Thanks to 5G and the considerable increase in transfer speeds, cloud storage, which presents unparalleled advantages, will become widespread. Where it took several minutes to download a huge video file with a 4G connection, you will be able to access most of your documents stored in the cloud in just a few seconds with 5G. As if these were held in the internet memory of your device. 5G theoretically makes it possible to reach speeds 100 times greater than those of 4G, or the order of 10 Gb / s

5G will, therefore, literally explode the demand for cloud storage. Whether for companies or individuals. As long as you have a reliable and fast connection, it is not conceivable to keep your data on internal storage (or at least keep it on internal storage without cloud backup in parallel). The risk of data loss is too significant in the event of a device failure, loss, or theft. And in addition, mobility access via the cross-device is not possible.

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In addition, the video game sector will change considerably with the arrival of 5G. In particular, that of video games on mobile. Currently, if you want to enjoy a game on your smartphone or tablet, you need to download the content first. However, the latter’s weight continues to increase (and much faster than the storage capacity of our mobile devices).

The publishers who will set up cloud gaming will differentiate themselves considerably from the others and have a clear competitive advantage. Indeed, cloud gaming makes it possible to:

  • Play any game immediately, without having to download any content first.
  • Benefit from a constantly updated game
  • and using the resources of a remote server much better than those allowed by our smartphones and tablets.
  • Resume on your mobile device, without latency or visual difference, and a game started on your living room console or computer.

In short, you will understand, 5G is likely to revolutionize the video game industry. Sony, for example, has already understood this with the recent introduction of remote playback (the Playstation Remote Play). This feature allows you to stream any PS4 or PS5 game on all existing devices with the use of VPN for example privacyonline (mobile or not).


5G will also make it possible to strengthen real-time data processing capacities considerably. Crucial for developing artificial intelligence in mobility, 5G will allow the multiplication of communications between machines (what is called M2M ). And the processing of all this data will not be done 100% of the time locally. Indeed, most of the calculation operations will be carried out in the cloud on remote servers.

Thus, autonomous cars, intelligent urban equipment, etc., will be connected and will exchange a plethora of information thanks to the almost zero latency of 5G.

I think you will understand, and we are at the dawn of a real digital revolution. Some experts even speak of the fourth industrial revolution as the fields of applications are numerous and sometimes even still unknown. So, ready for this (r) evolution? Anyway, it has already started, and we are only at the very beginning!

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