Why Introduce The Agile Methodology In Your Company


Around the beginning of the 21st century, when people began to speculate about the need to work under less static processes to achieve better results, the Agile methodology was born .

The Birth of The Agile Methodology

Seventeen software development specialists , who held the position of CEO or project management , met in Snowbird (Utah, USA) and began an interesting debate in which they shared the best practices of each company in project management .

The appearance of this new methodology was a historical fact, insofar as it completely revolutionized traditional methods and the way in which, to date, companies worked. We went from a thought where the working hours of the employees were taken into account in order to assess their productivity —and, consequently, their remuneration— to prioritizing agility and flexibility in the development of projects, always adapting to the needs of the client and focusing on results.

Today, the Agile method is a standard model in multiple international companies due to its great benefits. And not only in the most “technological” field, which is precisely where it emerged, but right now it is applicable to each department, no matter how small. The system is based on 4 fundamental pillars: valuing team members and social relationships above processes and tools, giving priority to the product, collaborating with the client and maintaining a very close, face-to-face and collaborative relationship, and being flexible to never stick to the set plan.


Among its main advantages is versatility , since by adjusting 100% to the needs of the client, the real objectives change; greater commitment between workers because a climate of cooperation is created; speed in deliveries being continuous and planned —with a certain margin—; and increased productivity by responding quickly to any change in priorities.

Values ​​of The Agile methodology

But it must be said that the values ​​on which this methodology is based are inspired by the Agile manifesto, signed by the aforementioned group of software developers, where 12 principles are established:

  • Customer satisfaction. Deliver products and content of value to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Listen to the new requirements. Attend all the suggestions that arise along the way, in order to improve.
  • Weekly deliveries. If we split deliveries, we minimize the risk of error by having feedback .
  • Measure progress. There are indicators that allow us to objectively evaluate our work.
  • Sustainable development. We will guarantee continuity in the project.
  • Close work. Work from anywhere with the best attitude.
  • Conversation. Meeting regularly, ideally in person, will help ensure that our message is communicated as effectively as possible.
  • Motivation and confidence . The work environment in which the project is carried out is paramount.
  • Technical excellence and good design . Submit, without exception, quality work.
  • We will “chop” the tasks until their level of complexity is adequate.
  • Team self-management. We will rule out hierarchies, considering them harmful to the common good.
  • Adaptation to changing circumstances. Avoiding rigidity during the process of a project is vital since the context can change, when unexpected changes arise.

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