How To Become a Digital Entrepreneur in Times of Crisis


Is it impossible for you to find a job according to your abilities? Do you think that starting a business could be a good idea but don’t know how to do it?

Do you know that new technologies allow you to increase and sell products and services anywhere in the world? Digital entrepreneurship can be a great solution.

Yes, you can also undertake. To start a business project, whatever it may be, there is no professional profile or a specific reason. It does not matter if you wanted to create your company from a young age or that the need to obtain income leads you to it. Dreaming is free, and generally, those who pursue their dreams hard in the end usually get them.

Steps To Be a digital entrepreneur

Now, you need to be clear about two things: First, before you start, you must design a business plan in which you define your products or services, establish the reason why a customer will buy from you and not from someone else. Most importantly, your competition makes a financial-economic plan in which investments, expenses, and especially the forecast of sales income appear. And secondly, it will be necessary that you have resources that allow you to live and balance accounts until sales income exceeds investments and expenses.

Creating a business plan may seem like a complicated challenge. Still, from this blog, we can help you with our entrepreneurship category and the ebook library, which can help you design your plan, and there are also different public bodies that provide free advice on that field. Regarding income, it is true that risk always exists. Still, at the moment, you have an opportunity that I invite you to assess: As a result of the Covid pandemic, the online channel has experienced an incredible development for a few months.

Reasons To Undertake Digitally.

Creating an online business project can be a good option for most people who decide to start their own business for various reasons. First, creating a space to present the offer and sell the products and services on the Internet is much cheaper than using traditional channels for promotion and sale, such as a store, for example, and the same can be said of the costs of maintenance. And that, for an entrepreneur with few initial resources, can help him to take the step and maintain his business project for longer, increasing his chances of success. It also does not require hiring a lot (or no) of staff, and the results can be seen automatically and instantly.

In addition, once it is possible to sell in one country, achieving commercial results in other markets is simpler, faster, and cheaper than using traditional sales channels in international trade, allowing the development and sustainability of the company.

But not everything is rosy: Although you surely know people who have obtained large income trading on the Internet, this is an increasingly saturated channel and where it also fails. In addition, although there is a growing development of online sales of all types of products and services, thanks to projects such as Amazon, the number of sales made and their value may not allow balancing expenses and investments at least entirely in the short term.

And then, what should you take into account to create and make your business project become your primary source of income?

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Operational to Start Selling Digitally

First of all, know what products or services you are going to sell. Review your professional experience and your studies, hobbies, and hobbies since there is nothing worse than working on something that you are not comfortable with.

You must also train yourself in how to create, manage and promote a digital business. You can do it informally by reviewing blogs or YouTube videos or in a formal and structured way through courses like those you have on our website, endorsed by the State Foundation for on-the-job training. Although taking a course like this on Online Business will give you the basis to understand the fundamentals and strategy of an online business, you should also look at competitors or experts who know the sale of your product or service in the online channel to know not only strategies that have worked but permanent updating.

Another essential element in the online channel is the prescriptions: If you advertise that your product or service is excellent, the consumer may have reservations about believing you. But if other people or experts in the field do it, the consumer will tend to value their opinion or judgment. Thus, in Amazon, most influence portal buyers are the assessment that other portal users give about the product.

It will also be essential to create and take care of your brand or online reputation. To do this, you must dedicate time to social networks showing your profile as a professional of what you sell through the online channel. That will require continuous planning and work, but in the long run, you will achieve the confidence necessary for a customer to buy your product or service.

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